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While I can’t wait to have you back in our beautiful gallery, catching up and sharing stories of what you’ve been up to in 2021 – the density limits we have to work with make it impractical. But I have good news. You’ve told us that our events work exceptionally well online. Many of you seem to enjoy them from the comfort of your couch, home office or kitchen table. And you don’t need to dress up or even have pants on!

So, until I can welcome you back, I’ve decided to make our online events free for everyone to enjoy.

Going live online sometimes makes for challenging moments. Some of you will know last Friday 21 May was one of those when Linden’s 5G internet collapsed mid opening…but 40 seconds later we were back live with the team all tethering from our mobile phones – we’re doing the very best with the technology we have at hand!

In the last year, we’ve provided a range of virtual events at no costs. We’ve made these events free so that they were accessible to everyone. Some of them you might have enjoyed

help us to provide diverse events
Cyber Masquerade with Jacqui Stockdale, 2020. Photograph: Jasmin McNeill.
    • Cyberspace Masquerade with mid-career artist Jacqui Stockdale
    • Multilingual Audio Exhibition Introductions in our 360-degree exhibitions tours
    • Artist Speakeasies – offering a range of practical skills to artists
    • 3D Tour and Q&A with mid-career artist Julia deVille
    • … and even trivia nights!

To support artists and share their wonderful work relies on the generosity of valued supporters like you. Will you make sure we can continue to help with a gift?

  • $200 pays for an artist to participate in an online webinar – providing them with an income
  • $120 contributes to the cost of producing our 360-degree digital tours – bringing work to live online
  • $50 helps translate a single exhibition panel, connecting to Russian, Mandarin and Spanish communities.

I hope you’ll consider keeping these important initiatives free for all. Your gift can make it happen.

Warmest regards,

help us to provide diverse events



help us to provide diverse events