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Hello Satellites reveals dynamic new rhythmic mantra ‘Water Salt Light Grace’



Artist: Hello Satellites
Album: There’s a Field
Release Date: Wednesday 21 April
Label: Independent / Ditto

“A cerebral adventure with some other-worldly production.”
 Steph Liong, 2SER Music Director

“Undulating between pop, folk, and neoclassical, the young Indie group, lead by Eva Popov, tilts the balance of musical genres and crosses many areas of the musical landscape.”
Conversations About Her, UK

Hello Satellites is the moniker for Melbourne based songwriter, musician and producer Eva Popov. Headed by Eva’s distinctive songwriting and ethereal voice, Hello Satellites has undergone various incarnations across a decade of live shows and album releases. 2010’s Self-Titled album and the 2014 follow-up 84,000 were full-band explorations of joyous experimental pop. Then came Bright Face (2017), the heart-wrenching and critically-acclaimed neo-classical narrative folk album. Now, Eva is gearing up to reveal her latest genre-abolishing offering There’s a Field on Wednesday 21 April, and present her third lifted single ‘Water Salt Light Grace’ today.

Following from her percussive disco jam ‘No Delivery’, ‘Water Salt Light Grace’ sees Popov’s dynamic vocal range take centre stage in a minimalistic call and response ritual and celebration. Written after a trip to Aotearoa and witnessing the power of the land’s rejuvenating and recentering qualities, ‘Water Salt Light Grace’ is an ode to ancestry, nature and spirit. 

“This song imagines love as an external spirit that graces us. We can tend to and care for it but it is greater than us and we can’t control it. The song is a devotional song to love itself, to the rituals and surrender we can go through as human beings whilst we wait for that spirit to lift us.”
 Eva Popov, Hello Satellites

Produced by Eva and mixed by long-time collaborator Nick Huggins (Seagull; Dirty Three), There’s a Field was recorded primarily at Eva’s home, shaped by the limitations of a long Melbourne lockdown. Vocals were sung at night in a walk-in wardrobe. Guitar and piano takes were recorded in the quiet, stolen moments of working motherhood. Friends were invited to hum along over the internet to build a virtual choir. Other musical guests include Seth Rees (drums), Carl Panuzzo (vocals), Cathryn Kohn (strings and accordion), Magdalenna Krstevska (clarinet) and Flora Carbo (saxophone). Popov reminisces, “Each song was a joyous, wide open space to occupy, whilst the outside world felt so closed and restricted under lockdown”. Get ready for There’s a Field coming this April, and in the meantime wrap your ears around the flowing percussive rhythms of ‘Water Salt Light Grace’.

Upcoming Hello Satellites Show
Thursday 25 March

Some Velvet Morning
with Amarina Waters
Doors 7pm

‘Water Salt Light Grace’ is out now via Ditto
Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music / Bandcamp

There’s a Field album is out Wednesday 21 April

There’s a Field 

1. Something Dies, Something Heals

2. No Delivery

3. Thief

4. There’s A Field

5. Water Salt Light Grace

6. Marlo

7. Missing Piece

8. Friend

9. Silent Lake

10. All Water Returns

There’s a Field Credits
All Songs Written by Eva Popov
Mixed by Nick Huggins
Mastered by Lachlan McCarrick

‘Something Dies, Something Heals’
Eva Popov – Vocals, Piano, Virtual Instruments
Magdalenna Krstevska – Clarinet 
Heath Robertson – Drums

‘No Delivery’
Eva Popov – Vocals, Virtual Instruments, Programming
Heath Robertson-  Drums
Flora Carbo – Saxophone 

Eva Popov – Voice, Ukulele, Virtual Instruments, Programming
Nick Huggins – Co-producing, sampling magic, guitar
Heath Robertson – Drums

‘There’s a Field’
Eva Popov – Vocals, Virtual Instruments, Programming

Eva Popov – Vocals, Piano, Virtual Instruments, Programming
Seth Rees – Drums

‘Water Salt Light Grace’
Eva Popov – Vocals, Virtual Instruments, Programming
‘Missing Piece’
Eva Popov – Vocals, Piano, Synths
Magdalenna Krstevska – Clarinet
Eva Popov – Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Programming
Choir : Cathryn Kohn, Peter Emptage, Carl Pannuzzo, David Carlin, Flora Carbo, Gina Smith, Ross, Emily, Lachlan McLeod
Saxophone – David Henry
Trumpet  – Flora Carbo
‘Silent Lake’
Eva – Piano, guitar, singing, synths
Cathryn Kohn – Accordion
Carl Pannuzzo – Singing
‘All Water Returns’
Eva Popov – Guitar, singing synths, piano
Cathryn Kohn – Violin, Viola

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