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If you decided to change your career and start something new, creative and exciting, the beauty industry is the way to go. If you are a person that loves cosmetics, this is a career you will enjoy and do with passion. Making people feel better about themselves is a rewarding job, and it also pays well. 

How to Start a Career in the Beauty Industry?

The first step is deciding what you are going to do. Are you passionate about makeup, nails, cosmetic treatments, massages? Choose your field of interest carefully and get ready to dedicate yourself to learning something new. 

The next step to take is to review your budget. How much do you plan to invest? Some more lucrative jobs also demand bigger investments, but they also pay better than others. The biggest expense you need to make is paying for the course and the equipment, such as tools and materials. Bear in mind that you will come across other expenses such as rent, insurance, and getting a license. 

There are many courses for people who want to start working in the beauty industry. You can usually choose between live and online courses.

Here are some interesting skills you can learn online to start a job in cosmetics. 

Microblading Course

Microblading is one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments and the demand for microblading artists is increasing. That is why now is the right time to become one. There are great online courses that help you learn the technique by covering all the theory and practice step by step. 

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PhiBrows Canada online training is a very detailed course and all you need to become a certified microblading artist. You learn via application, which enables you to communicate with the microblading instructor and the academy. It contains texts, photos, videos with step-by-step guides. You will learn how to create perfect microblading eyebrows. 

Nail Technician Course 

Nail technicians are very in demand. This skill is not hard to learn, if you have a steady hand, you are patient and detailed. Also, it doesn’t require too much investment – you will need a table and a good chair to support your back because you will spend a lot of time sitting. You need a UV lamp, gels, and polishes. Some additional tools and materials are also required, but they usually don’t come pricey.

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There are a lot of great online courses to learn this technique. They are usually short and you can learn the skill in a day or two. You will need to practice a lot so ask family members or friends to help you. It is not a risky procedure, with barely any side effects, so they should be happy to let you do their nails. 

Eyelash Extension Course 

Eyelash extensions are a huge trend, so completing a course and starting doing lashes is a great career choice. A good online course will include videos and step-by-step guides on how to apply the extensions properly as well as all the information you need to start this business.

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Look for a course after which you will get a certificate. Even if a certification is not required in your state or area, clients trust estheticians with a diploma more. Also, most states require an esthetician license if you want to do lashes, so get informed about the requirements by contacting the local health department. 

Makeup Artist Course

This is perfect for makeup lovers – becoming a makeup artist and making people more beautiful is such an interesting and creative job. Many local makeup artists have their own courses, whether live or online. These are not usually very expensive. 

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Your online makeup course should cover all the important information you should know – how to apply makeup based on skin tones and structure, face shape, eye shape, lip shape, as well as color theory, different ingredients in makeup products, and how to properly use all the products. Also, each of them has its own secret tips and tricks that you will find useful. 

The Advantages of Online Courses

Live courses have their perks, but getting to learn online has multiple advantages as well. Here are some of them:

  • It is cheaper
  • You get to learn at your own pace and time
  • You get to stop and playback the video if you don’t understand something, without disturbing the group pace
  • You save on travel expenses. If there are no courses in your area, you would have to travel miles to attend a live course, but with an online course, you learn from the comfort of your home.