When relocating to a new place, you’d want to find the best places to eat, to walk, to park and to socialise. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best venues around Melbourne for those new to the place; the kind of places you can meet new people and enjoy the types of music that you like most.

Melburnians are a hospitable bunch. Wherever you go round white spots in Melbourne you are sure of a good reception, but the prices below stand out as some of the best.

The Howler, 7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick

This venue sprang up almost overnight from a derelict shed near the train line. The music rooms out are always packed with talent. The bar area is one of the most unique settings you’ll find in the Melbourne vicinity. The venue is prestigious enough to attract both local, national and international acts, and is well worth the visit. The setting is ideal to strike up conversation, make friends and really feel at home amongst the people of Melbourne.

The Corner Hotel, 57 Swan St, Richmond

The goal is a staple of the Melbourne music scene, and has been for many years. Those who know the music scene will likely recommend this venue. Having moved to Melbourne, you’ll be looking for a well-known place that others may stumble upon in their first outings in the city, and this is certainly one of them.

With a fantastic beer garden, and a music room that will have your ears ringing, it provides that perfect balance of music and a place to chill and converse with new friends.

Bennetts Lane Jazz club, 25 Bennetts Ln

Situated in the central business district of Melbourne, this venue features local and international jazz artists and atmosphere befitting the gangster movies that you have grown up watching. If you enjoy a jazz then this is a must visit music venue within the heart of Melbourne. For people living and working in Melbourne, this place is definitely a great hangout spot to relax. de-stress and enjoy the evening.

Bird’s Basement, Central District

This is another high-class jazz location with everything from pop to Latin and jazz. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with quality music. The first musician to play here was Ravi Coltrane, and since the venue has seen the likes of James Morrison and Antonia Bennett (Tony Bennett’s daughter).

The jazz atmosphere is a great place to meet new friends and socialise with people you don’t know that well. This should certainly be on your list after a recent relocation to Melbourne.

This is just a few of the great music venues on offer in the city of Melbourne. With almost 5 million  inhabitants, and them having a reputation for being remarkably friendly, you shouldn’t have problems settling into a new life in Melbourne, and enjoying a cracking music scene.