Google’s Mass Animal Death Map – The Week

google’s mass animal death map – the week
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 14:  Artwork of th...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
One of the first drawings of a magnetic field,...Image via Wikipedia
Descartes description of Earth’s magnetic field.

Google’s power to view the planet is opening up some amazing opportunities for us to watch and follow what is happening to the environment and its inhabitants on a global scale.

This mapping shown in the above link offers tremendous insight into these mass animal deaths, much of it driven by human expansion, and if the astrologers and astronomers are correct another input might also be affecting animals that have migratory instincts.

Apparently the Magnetic Poles are on the move, so this will also have a marked effect on animal behaviour, and also species success will depend on how they can adapt to a change of this magnitude..

The jury is out as to what will actually happen to humanity if/when the Magnetic poles shift, as they have many times in Earth’s life – the last time 75,000 odd years ago.

Some say that the magnetic field which protects us will drop away for a while and we’ll all be fried by radiation, others reckon that it will effect the technological world in a disastrous manner. The window of time within which this is to occur also varies from a couple of days to hundreds of years.

Theories are great, remember Y2K? I try not to get too wound up about what might happen, and I’m pretty sure we humans can do little about any of it, just hold on for the ride!

One thing that is known though is that there will be no movement in the geographical positioning of the continents on the globe, no rocking and rolling of the planet, as in the geological record they have apparently found no evidence of mass extinctions at the times of the previous magnetic shifts.

I wouldn’t be going all Henny Penny yet though, if planetary change does occur and we do survive as a species, we’ll just have to deal with it.

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