Google Core Update: An Overview

google core update: an overview

Google continues to evolve its search parameters to enhance the search results.

These may include minor updates but you should be aware of these as they may have a major impact on your rankings.  Content producers and website owners can keep a check on the Google updates to incorporate the required changes and enrich the content accordingly.

At regular intervals, Google introduces core updates which are major changes to search systems and algorithms. For such changes, Google issues notice in advance so that the concerned parties can take timely action. The Google core updates enable the search engine ensure that they serve their clients effectively and meet their requirements of delivering high quality and relevant content.

Google core update doesn’t have any negative impact on the websites but may enable some to come on the top and some websites that have been performing better in the past may come down in the ranking owing to these changes.

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Focus on Content

It’s all about the quality, strength, relevance and appropriateness of the content which the algorithms seek to reward. According to Matt Southern, “Rather than targeting specific categories of sites, core updates target search overall.”

Downward Ranking

If your websites rankings observe a drop in the ranking, it doesn’t imply that you have violated any requirements. It’s only an after effect of the changes that have been made to the algorithms. The search engine works in line with the end user’s requirements which keep on evolving. To lift the ranking, you can hire a specialist agency or an expert SEO team that can help maintain your position on the search engine.

How to stay on top?

Here are some of the basic factors that need to be taken care of when it comes to keeping up with your audiences’ expectations

  • Mobile Friendliness: Make sure your website is optimized for usage on mobile phones. This has a direct impact on the rating. A website that is unnavigable and unreadable on the mobile devices can easily lose its popularity on Google.
  • Site Map: A site map guides Google as well as your reader in determining the overall content and important areas of the website. Anytime you add a new service, product or event to your website, make sure it’s added on to the site map.
  • Load time: Be careful when it comes to the load time of your website. If your website takes longer to load, the users are most likely to quit the page and move on rather than waiting
  • Content: Lastly, never forget that content is the king! Google rankings and core update is all about quality. The better, relevant and updated your content, the higher your ranking is likely to be.

Stay active and alert with Google Core Update and stay at the top of your game always.