Give artists a leg up. Give to Fringe.

give artists a leg up. give to fringe.

Well, this is not how we thought things would be in Melbourne when we first drafted our annual “please give us money” email. But if last year taught us one thing, it’s that forward planning is hard when things change daily (and that tax time comes regardless of a global pandemic… but that’s two things).
We’re used to making things happen in tricky circumstances. We’ve put on two (show-stopping, spectacular, completely not ever been done before – Gaga’s words, not ours) festivals and supported 2,300 artists during a pandemic. We know we make it look effortless…but all this takes a lot of effort. And MONEY.

Speaking of money (what a segue)… we’re here to ask you for some. 
Let us paint you a picture: the independent arts are like a human pyramid, and there we are at the bottom – providing a strong platform for artists to make magic up above. Our number one priority is supporting artists – last year we put over $800,000 in their pockets. But, as the saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees (or hide in the back of sofas).

That’s where you come in. Will you help give artists a leg up? 

Give to Fringe
2021 has already had some real ups (we got to re-re-open our beautiful year-round venue!) and some real downs (we had to re-re-close our beautiful year-round venue!). The pandemic uncertainty is still real in our industry, and we’re really feeling it this week. Events are being cancelled, artists are losing work and the future looks hazier than it did two weeks ago. But whether it’s a stage to play on, our digital platform, development opportunities, straight-up cash, or a literal leg up – we will always support artists to make and sustain their work. Through rain, through hail, through shine and through face masks.

So, if you are in a position to donate, we’ll love you forever. If you can’t, we understand. And we’ll still love you forever.

With love from all the bodies in the Team Fringe pyramid.


How to Donate

There are two ways to donate in 2021. You can peruse our Gift Registry containing a list of the things we actually need to help independent artists to make art. Or if you’re happy for us to decide how the money is spent, you can choose one of our three donation funds.

give artists a leg up. give to fringe.

Buy us a gift
You could help us achieve our Britney fantasy by purchasing a phone headset for $25, or pay for an Auslan interpreter for $200, or even commission an artist for $1000 plus. The opportunities are (almost) endless! 

Buy us a gift

give artists a leg up. give to fringe.

Choose a Donation Fund

Our Artist Fund commissions independent artists to make risky, bold, new work. Our Access Fund reduces barriers to access so anyone can be part of Fringe. Our Sustainability Fund secures the future of Melbourne Fringe.

Choose a Fund

give artists a leg up. give to fringe.