Hair straighteners are dangerous. They can get to temperatures as high as 450 degrees, that’s hot enough to ignite something and cause a devastating house fire. In short, you need to treat your straighteners with respect.

There is no reason to panic and ditch the straighteners. It’s safe to have them and use them at home. You simply need to remember a few simple techniques when using them.

Choose The Right Ones

There are plenty of hair straighteners on the market. Many of them are cheap with limited safety controls and possibly lack the ability to set your own temperature. These are not worth investing in.

You need a quality product, such as the latest GHD hair straightener. It will allow you to adjust the temperature according to your hair type and they have built-in safety protocols that will dramatically reduce the risk of a fire.

Don’t forget, hair straighteners can reach a temperature of 450°C. However, if you have fine hair you should never use the straighteners above 350°C.

Choosing a known brand and quality product also means the straighteners have a variety of safety protocols in place to protect you and your hair.

Don’t Leave Them Unattended

Now you know how hot straighteners can get, you’ll appreciate why you should never leave them unattended. If left they could be in contact with combustible material and start a fire, or simply melt something of importance to you.

Although it is tempting to turn them on and leave them to warm up while you do something else. It is never a good idea to leave them unattended.

Use Hair Protection Products

Hair straighteners are hot. That’s how they easily straighten your hair. However, the same heat can remove moisture from your hair, leaving it dull and flat. To prevent this make sure you always use heat protection spray before using the straighteners.

Choose Ceramic Coatings

Hair straighteners with ceramic coatings are softer on your hair. The surfaces are smooth causing less tension as the hair is straightened. You will notice your hair looks shinier and healthier because it is.

Don’t Start at the Root

When you straighten your hair, it is very important that you don’t start at the root itself. Putting that much heat so close to your head means you’re likely to burn your scalp. This isn’t just painful. It will damage hair roots and potentially leave you with patches of missing hair.

Instead, start straightening approximately one inch from your root. It will still give you great-looking, sleek and straight hair.

Minimize Use

It’s best not to use your hair straighteners on wet hair. This is when hair is most vulnerable and likely to break or dehydrate. If possible, you should also avoid using straighteners every day. This reduces the stress on your hair and will help to prevent hair damage.

Providing you pay attention to your straighteners and your hair when using them, you shouldn’t have an issue, just beautiful straight hair.

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