Gevrey Chambertin Les Champeaux 2010

By Olivier Bernatein - $$

gevrey chambertin les champeaux 2010

Olivier Bernstein began making wines in Burgundy in 2007. He focuses on making tiny quantities of wine from premier and grand cru vineyards.

The Wine

In the glass this wine is dark & rich, I find this wine very fragrant as the fruit wafts from the glass.

The fruit is very pure and a little sweetish.

The next day sweet dried flowers have appeared, and some notes of spice, although faint.

This wine is full of energy filling the mouth with ripe fruit and a very thin line of acid mid-palate with spice just in the background.

Not what I would describe as sweet, but just ripe fruit, more like biting into a hand full of grapes covered with powder white dust picked from the vine. Warm and juicy with crunch from the skins.

The wine has increased with flavour overnight as you swallow the last drop, it lingers and builds on and on.

For me, this wine was a different drinking experience yet again. My tasting notes are over three days. Might jump a little, the flavours and aromas have changed over 3 days.

In this case, I find a mushroom sent or whiff has developed overnight. Once again just a whiff but it’s there under a new layer as the wine opens more and more.

Now day: 3

A big glass left; some times barn yard, purple flowers, fresh turned soil, the list goes on and on.

The fruit has dulled and taken on a deeper more rounded dried fruit sent, that flows through to a wonderful long ending. Every time, you look at this wine there is a different tasting experience.

The Food

I had this wine with roast chicken stuffed with garlic, strips of lemon peel and fresh thyme. And as always no meal is complete without a crusty breadstick smothered in butter. It went quite well with the wine they complemented each other with their hint of herbs and juiciness.

Although I feel, one would have enjoyed it more with the last glass, not as fruity and a little more earthy. ‘O’ well remember that for next time.


Grate lemon zest and strip 6 sprigs thyme and mix into 200g soft butter then force it under the breast skin and smooth it around the chook. Sprinkle with salt and ground pepper.
Bake with veg for 1 hour in a hot oven then turn over and cook for 30 minuets for that juicy succulent chook.
Michael Lillis
the Rot has set in.
4 Stars