Gevrey Chambertin Domain Taupenot Merme Grand Cru

2007 - $$$

gevrey chambertin domain taupenot merme grand cru

The Wine:

I keep my wines in a climate-controlled wine storage complex in South Melbourne.

So I made my weekly visit on Tuesday and I found this Chambertin and a couple of red and white Burgundy’s much to my surprise and delight.
The other wines are for the coming weeks. But the Gevrey Chambertin make no mistake is for NOW!
I remember buying this wine around 11 years ago when I was working at Wine Bins, priced at $95.95 each.
If you don’t think that was a bargain try finding one on the shelves now, they are all sleeping in cellars around the world.
I know because I just looked for one, to no avail.
The nose is still both attractive & sedative laced with wildflowers, maybe lavender? A little barnyard and mushroom wrapt around ripe red fruit.
The wine is delicate enough, however much to my surprise the acidity was still refreshing enough and keeping the wine alive, there was a little stem character that was not there on the last bottle I opened, although that was a while ago.

The wine is still outstanding from start to finish and has become a new benchmark until something more exciting comes along.

The Food:

Just a simple platter of bits and pieces of what was in the fridge.
Yes, I really did make this up from what was in my fridge.
gevrey chambertin domain taupenot merme grand cru

Wine Fact:

The price of Red Burgundy dose not always reflect the quality of the wine, but how much of it was made that season and the rarity giving the wine a particular $$$ value.

Build a rapport with your wine merchant. He or she will always point you in the right direction. Remember they taste a lot of wines each week.

Michael Lillis

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