Get Ready to Be Mesmerized by Elohim’s New Single “Didn’t Sign Up For This”!

get ready to be mesmerized by elohim’s new single "didn't sign up for this"!

Elohim dropped her latest single, “Didn’t Sign Up For This”, on June 7th, and it’s a track you won’t want to miss! This song is the third release from her upcoming album ‘Power Of Panic’, set to dazzle us all on July 12th.

What’s so special about this track, you ask? Picture this: a killer blend of indie vibes and UK garage beats, with a splash of acoustic guitar that adds a raw, edgy feel.

“Didn’t Sign Up For This” is all about the emotional ups and downs we all face, wrapped up in a melody that’s both haunting and irresistible. It’s like peeking into Elohim’s personal diary, full of honest, relatable moments.

And if you’ve been following her music journey, you know Elohim’s been killing it this year! Her singles have been featured on various Spotify playlists, she performed at big festivals (Coachella, Lollapalooza, you name it, she performed there) and her music has been praised by tastemakers like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and The New York Times.

But wait, there’s more! Elohim is a powerhouse with over 600 million streams, major brand partnerships, and a reputation for innovative production. She’s also a passionate advocate for mental health, featured in Billboard’s Unmasked series.

So listen to this new release and get ready to vibe with Elohim. Trust us, you’re in for a treat!

Tom L.

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