The Linden Postcard Show is an open entry exhibition. This means that anyone, regardless of age, ability or experience can enter work into the show! We hold this aspect of the show very close to our hearts.

Meet some more of the artists who have kindly contributed their passion and talent to make the 2016-17 Linden Postcard Show the beautifully vibrant show that it is!


> UNTIL 29 January 2017

Melbourne-based watercolour artist Carin Lavery creates paintings of nature that she hopes will add joy to people’s lives. She loves the subtlety and drama of watercolour and feels that it captures the landscape like no other medium.
Carin first exhibited in the Linden Postcard Show last year and chose to enter again this year because of the good following that the exhibition attracts.
Two of the paintings that she submitted beautifully capture the incredible colours that we are lucky to experience in the sunsets at St Kilda.
Carin loves the diversity of the artworks in the Linden Postcard Show. She appreciates the support that the exhibition provides to artists, as well as the pleasure that it brings to the public.

You can see more of Carin’s beautiful work at her website: www.carinlavery.com

Matthew Ellul grew up in the small regional Victorian town of Rushworth, but is now based in Melbourne. He is a self-taught emerging artist keen to engage in Melbourne’s art scene.

The 2016 Linden Postcard Show is Matthew’s first art show and he was pleasantly surprised at the show’s popularity and by just how many works were on display!

His submission Luna Park Entrance is taken from an original acrylic on canvas painting that took Matthew two years to complete! Matthew used a meticulous technique to convert the image of Luna Park from a photograph onto the canvas, which has resulted in a picture-perfect image.

You can see more of Matthew’s work on his Instagram @matthewellul.art and more of his work is for sale on his Gallery247 page gallery247.com.au/matthew-ellul.

Art lover and veteran Postcard Show supporter Geoffrey Conaghan has been attending the Linden Postcard Show its inception in 1987! Geoffrey’s fondness for the show springs from its democratic nature; anyone can enter and works by emerging artists sit equally alongside works by established artists. He also describes it as a ‘smorgasbord’, which requires multiple visits to fully appreciate.
With some difficulty, Geoffrey chose a work by Melbourne ceramicist Irianna Kanellopoulou as being his favorite work from his large Postcard Show artwork collection. He purchased this work in 2006 and has since gone on to follow Kanellopoulou’s career. Valuing technical perfection in artworks, Geoffrey loves Kanellopoulou’s works because they have a subversive and slightly sinister feeling, but also because they are meticulous and flawlessly executed, making her “both an artist and a master technician”.
Another Postcard Show artwork that Geoffrey particularly remembers is It’s Murder on the Dance Floor by Penny Byrne in 2004 (come and see Penny’s new solo exhibition Brutal at Linden in February 2017!). Geoffrey muses that the lucky buyer of this inexpensive early piece by the now highly collectable artist rubs shoulders with the buyer who paid $100,000 for one of Penny’s recent works!
Geoffrey however shuns the ‘art collector’ label and doesn’t buy artworks for their perceived investment value. Rather, he acquires artworks that move him emotionally, that make him feel uncomfortable, or that make him think. He also believes that art shouldn’t be confused with ‘room decoration’ and that a good artwork will ‘hold its own’.
It is for these reasons that he suggests to fellow art lovers that when purchasing new artworks, “buy something you just cannot leave in the gallery because you want to look at it every day”.

Veterans of the 2015 Linden Postcard Show, creative siblings Xavier and Freya are some of our youngest entrants ever!
Xavier has submitted colourful drawings of a dragon and a crocodile. He loves drawing and loves entering the Linden Postcard Show because he enjoys seeing his artworks hanging in the gallery with all of the other artworks!

One of Freya’s submissions is a photograph of her family’s dog Rosie playing on a beach. Freya says that Rosie is a great photographic subject because sometimes she’ll strike a perfect pose – without even knowing it! Freya likes her photo because she thinks that Rosie looks really cute and that the ocean waves add a special touch.

Cast your vote in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD!

The artist with the most votes will win:
> $600 from Liston Landers
> 1 year subscription to Art Guide Australia
> 1 half-page advertisement for the artist in Art Guide Australia (valued at $720)

One lucky voter will win:
> 1 free financial consultation from Liston Landers

Drawn on 29 january 2017

This award is proudly supported by Linden Postcard Show sponsors Art Guide Australia and Liston Landers Accountants and Advisers

Image credits: Linden Postcard Show 2016-17, installation view, 2016. Photograph: David marks Photographer. > Photograph of Carin Lavery, 2016. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Carin Lavery, Sunset Glory 1, installation view, 2016, watercolour. Image reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Carin Lavery, Sunset Glory 2, installation view, 2016, watercolour. Image reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Photograph of Matthew Ellul, 2016. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Matthew Ellul, Luna Park Entranceinstallation view, 2016, acrylic on canvas. Image reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Irianna Kanellopoulou, Cars & Trucks, installation view, 2006, ceramic. Photograph: Geoffrey Monaghan. > Photographs of Xavier and Freya, 2016. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Xavier, Pink and Purple Dragon, installation view, 2016, Texta on canvas board . Image reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Tom Pender. > Freya, Beach Walk, installation view, 2016, digital photograph. Image reproduced courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Tom Pender.

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