fuse fund supporting local talented artists, 11-27 marchFUSE is Darebin’s contemporary, multi-arts festival that transforms Darebin into a platform for local artists and performers to highlight the area’s rich artistic talent. FUSE Darebin aims to support and uplift their local artist community which is shown by their FUSE Fund program. The Fund events are created by artists, who receive a FUSE commission to produce their work and bring their project to life. The artists determine a large part of the flavour for this year’s festival by using the framework that FUSE provides.

The festival starts with an experimental theatre company, Pony Cam who are presenting Anything You Can Do and are teaming up with a group of seniors (60+) from Darebin to make a radical show. This show explores the relationships between young and old, talking about those all-important topics between the generations. Dominic Weintraub from Pony Cam adds that this is A show that explores intergenerational relationship dynamics, sex, regret, grief, death, and intergenerational taboos. This show is a true collaboration between the seniors and the members of Pony Cam – where we all take to the stage together to share uncomfortable stories about our lives, get a little messy, and have a bunch of fun.” On 11 & 13 March at Northcote Uniting Church (Northcote Chalice).

Next up is one of the longest-awaited shows across the whole FUSE program. Performer Joel Bray, is set to push boundaries, share secrets, and include some utterly captivating stories. I Liked it…But I Didn’t Know What the F#!K It Was About goes where few immersive performance works dare to tread: out of the theatre and into the bar to see what passes the “pub test”. Join Joel and local musicians for a pub trivia night about the craziest, weirdest, most confusing stuff he’s ever had to see on and off of a stage. On 15 & 16 March at Northcote Social Club.

An Uncertain Time is designed specifically for babies and their carers to discover together. The interactive performance takes the notion of the first year of an infant’s life as a period of great uncertainty for both baby and carer, An Uncertain Time uses elements of song, sound, physical theatre and object puppetry to create a narrative journey for both baby and carer. The work explores ideas of love, loss, hope and uncertainty through a tactile, sensory and visual experience that will captivate babies and adults alike. On 23 to 27 March at Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre.

Following this is We Are Song, We Are Dreaming, We Are Country, a compelling blend of music performance, story and conversation. It features song, story and discussion between host Neil Morris and a powerful line up of First Nations song people. This show is a journey through the world of Indigenous and First Nations culture, and the stories that weave themselves seamlessly into their music. Host Neil Morris is joined by some of the most talented voices in the industry, like Djirri Djirri, Brickie B, Butchalla Songman, Fred Leone, BUMPY and Lady Lash. On 20 March at Northcote Social Club.

FUSE Darebin’s festival director, Jodee Mundy, OAM adds that The FUSE fund supports Darebin’s contemporary artists who are cutting edge and working in unique ways. This festival’s FUSE Fund artists packs a punch offering unique perspectives, experiences and a whole heap of fun.”

All these shows have been developed with support from the City of Darebin through their FUSE Fund to share a full program of artistic and cultural talents and events with the whole community

FUSE will encompass a diverse program of events: www.fusedarebin.com.au   

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