Former La Reina songbird returns with new live single as solo artist, Ren


Irresistibly sweet rendition of the Buddy Holly classic, ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore’


Australian singer, songwriter, Ren Barlow has emerged from the shadows and is more than ready to continue her creative musical journey, releasing a brand new single under the new moniker of Ren, with her sweet, live recording of the Buddy Holly classic, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”, on digital platforms worldwide from Friday, April 22. 

After launching her solo career last month with the release of Lilac Wine, Ren is standing tall, following her truth and becoming who she was born to be: Ren, a creative musician and unique soulful artist.

A country girl at heart, Ren is classically and contemporarily trained in voice and has been performing both solo and as part of a band since she was 16. Ren’s credits include performances with Melbourne Opera, Melbourne City Opera, and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria.

Ren first launched herself into the world of recording artists in 2019 with La Reina, releasing her debut chart topping album ‘Raining In My Heart’.  

Teaming up with songwriter and producer, Tim Wild, of the iconic Australian band Taxiride, they produced a collection of reimagined acoustic covers presenting Ren’s take on the masterful songs of 1950s rock and roll pioneer, Buddy Holly. 

Decades after his too-brief career, Buddy Holly’s work has remained fascinating and incredibly vibrant. Holly’s spirit and music is very much alive throughout the album ‘Raining In My Heart.’

Says Ren, “When the most important thing in your life becomes the least important thing. When you have tried, loved, hoped and helped, and yet received nothing in return. Given the journey I have been on in the last few years, this song says it all … I can hold my head high.”

‘There ain’t no use in crying. 

I’ve done everything and now I’m sick of trying.

I’ve thrown away my nights, and wasted all my days over you’

“Not anymore, this bird is flying free.”

BMA Magazine described ‘Raining In My Heart’ as “an album of Buddy Holly songs re-imagined, pared back to reveal not only how well the tunes stand the test of time, but how poignant the transposed versions become with the controlled nuances of (Ren’s) elegant voice at the helm.” 

“My earliest memory of listening to Buddy Holly was when I was about 4 years old. Our family had been traveling around Australia in a caravan doing seasonal work just to stay afloat. One day the caravan had lost its axle, it was pouring rain and we were stranded…but I distinctly remember hearing ‘Raining in My Heart’ for the first time.

“I loved the process of putting my own take on the songs, pulling them apart and creating a new sound – keeping them simple and raw. It’s been so much fun and such a wonderful journey,” Ren.

2022 marks a new chapter for Ren. One she is ready to step into and see her musical journey takes its next steps. This includes penning and recording her original music, planned for release in 2023, and also working on the reimagination of her favourite tunes through the years. In addition, Ren is taking the music of her album ‘Raining In My Heart’ to the stage in her show Rave On: The Buddy Holly Songbook.

Ren’s original music will travel through the styles, from classical through to pop, rock and country. With production leaning towards country rock’s sounds and sensibilities Ren’s original musical style will be further cemented. 

Further to her original offerings, Ren has put her personal touch to a series of acoustic versions of her favourite tunes; scheduled for release throughout 2022. This vibrant collection of acoustic covers will range from pop and soul through to country rock and power ballads from a diverse range of artists including Sarah McLachlan and Jeff Buckley through to her childhood heroes Skid Row and Guns’n’Roses.

Ren’s touch to her favourite songs will continue to showcase Ren’s unique acoustic style as shown on her ‘Raining In My Heart’ and echoed in reviews including that of Vents Magazine: “(Ren’s) rendering of the rock and roll superstar’s songs is masterful, with her velvety voice going from tender to powerful across the varied songs.”

In addition to writing, recording and celebrating music, Ren’s passion for the arts is one she is committed to sharing. This deduction sees Ren currently working in collaboration with and as mentor to a group of young musicians, Ren is helping them to fulfil their music dreams by assisting them to establish a solid foundation within the music industry.







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