‘Flipism’ by Yvonne Wells -The Laneway Artspace St.Kilda.

‘flipism’ by yvonne wells -the laneway artspace st.kilda.
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‘flipism’ by yvonne wells -the laneway artspace st.kilda.Life is but a gamble! Let Flipism chart your ramble!” said Professor Batty to Donald Duck. As Mr D.Duck flipped a coin to guide his decisions Yvonne Wells created her own characters on the same premise allowing fate to model her whimsical sculptures.These fantasy figures are captured with a snapshot of their life… ‘Charlotte’ on her boat, ‘The Lover’ shielded by a large wooden ha‘flipism’ by yvonne wells -the laneway artspace st.kilda.nd as she reads, ‘Nick’ the thief as he breaks into a miniature home of eclectic brilliance… are only an example of the many figurines of this collection. Some move, light up or have music boxes but all have that sense of home an allure to be part of your own.

Li‘flipism’ by yvonne wells -the laneway artspace st.kilda.ke ‘The Dreamer’ in her contraption of feathers and fancy Yvonne Wells is now directing her visions to new horizons this time to be captured on canvas. The Laneway Artspace St.Kilda has become a garden of Yvonne Wells unique style with her current botanical series. Large statement pieces of rich, glorious colour adorn the walls which eng‘flipism’ by yvonne wells -the laneway artspace st.kilda.ages, taking you into her world of magnified beauty.
As I look back on the career of Yvonne Wells which includes ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and now painting, applying ‘Flipism’ has indeed made some very good choices.
 ‘Flipism’ by Yvonne Wells.
The Laneway Artspace St.Kilda
16 Oct – 19 Oct and 23 Oct – 29 Oct

Clunie Walker

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