Fleetwood Kelly delights with stunning debut album ‘just happy to be here’

fleetwood kelly delights with stunning debut album 'just happy to be here'

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Fleetwood Kelly is set to release his long awaited debut album ‘just happy to be here’, embracing a modern yet organic sound that effortlessly intertwines classic Americana with contemporary pop. With an intoxicating fusion of modernity and authenticity, Kelly’s music paints a vivid portrait of his journey from the conservative landscapes of rural Pennsylvania to the modernistic and eccentric life in Los Angeles.

With a fervent dedication to lyrical storytelling, Fleetwood Kelly invites audiences into his world, where each track serves as a chapter in his coming-of-age story. Through heartfelt melodies and poignant lyrics, Kelly navigates his experiences as a queer person, finding solace and acceptance amidst life’s ups and downs. “There’s still work to do, but for that kid I knew, I’m just happy to be here,” Fleetwood Kelly declares in the title track’s chorus in a celebration of perseverance.

Lead single ‘like you’ showcases Kelly at his best, delivering crisp pop-woven melodies infused with 80s-inspired synths and infectious choruses. Drawing comparisons to the likes of MUNA and Maggie Rogers, ‘like you’ highlights Kelly’s melodic prowess and knack for crafting hook-laden anthems that linger in the hearts and minds of listeners. It’s a frustrated plea to an ex to reciprocate all the love that Fleetwood felt he was putting in on his end not getting back.

He says ““like you” is one of my favourite tracks on the album — not just because it’s incredibly fun to perform live, but also because it was the first time I allowed myself to be angry in my music. I wrote it about an ex who was more interested in his public appearance than building a lasting relationship. Lyrically, “like you” plays with the concept of being in a “love triangle” with a narcissist and their public persona, which is complicated further by the fact that neither person was “out” at the time.”

As the album’s emotional anchor, ‘hail mary’ emerges as a soul-stirring ballad within Fleetwood Kelly’s eclectic repertoire, offering listeners a glimpse into his introspective depths. The track unfolds with a haunting elegance, underscored by brooding melodies and Kelly’s commanding vocals, in what is an epic and atmospherically beautiful track.Each track offers a glimpse into Kelly’s multifaceted artistry, blending elements of synth-pop, Americana, and pop with a real finesse. His versatility as a songwriter is more evident in tracks like ‘he cries himself to sleep’, with the lush production exuding the laid-back vibe of Los Angeles life.

In ‘just happy to be here’, listeners are treated to a sonic masterpiece that exemplifies Fleetwood Kelly’s growth as both a songwriter and performer. With its pop-infused quirks, heartfelt sincerity and undeniable charm, ‘just happy to be here’ is a stunning contemporary and cinematic debut, emanating from an artist who has truly found his sound and place in music.

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