In Flagrante second season in Melbourne

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne
In Flagrante Hero

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne

Monday May 21 to Saturday May 26

The Butterfly Club, Carson Lane

In Flagrante blindsided Melbourne audiences and critics last May at the city’s much loved The Butterfly Club with a brand of ‘neo’ Burlesque never quite seen before, at a venue with highly refined appetites for the novel and bizarre.

Auckland based In Flagrante premiered at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in 2013 to rave reviews and effervescent audience reaction. It brings to the table an ever evolving and unique fusion of contemporary dance influenced hyper sexualised and deeply comedic vignettes that mock patriarchy in fiendish and extremely original ways.

Described by Australian Stage’s Lee Bemrose as “…the whole thing, all these little stories, it was all so good In Flagrante deals up lonely North Korean traffic girls, wet nurse fetishes and steam punk super heroines. A show that doubles down on female sexual empowerment with an uncompromising satiric eye.

Set to a compellingly eclectic music score from the smoky trip hop of Klaus Waldeck’s ‘Ballroom Stories’ and David Lynch’s otherworldly ‘Snake Eyes’ to Nick Cave’s beautifully brooding ‘Water’s Edge’, In Flagrante is a guaranteed hot start to a great night out with friends that’ll keep tongues wagging for a long time after the show’s over. 

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne  


“Knives out choreography complemented by killer designs – an hour of beauty, politics and down-and-dirty fun.”

Edinburgh Fringe Review

“In Flagrante is a sexy thought-provoking sensual experience”

Fringe Review – UK

“The performers’ enjoyment and their understanding of the genre and what they’re doing is incredible and engaging.”

Diana Simmons ­ – Stage Noise

“The whole thing, all these little stories, it was all so good

 Lee Bemrose ­ – Australian Stage|-the-butterfly-club.html

Overall it’s definitely a show with a difference – if not unique, unusual and bold. Certainly, I’ve not seen it’s like before.

Fiona Anderson  ­- Weekend Notes

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne

S H O R T  F I L M

 Some of In Flagrante’s work has been re-created in short film to plaudits and awards world wide.

Nurse Me has been nominated in the winners circle for numerous prestigious international short film awards having just Won the New Rennaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam for Music/Dance 2018

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne

Horses Burlesque has been viewed across YouTube, Vimeo and other social media plateforms over two million times and has been featured on The Colbert Report in US, MTV and other erotica film festivals across Europe.

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne

C O N T A C T   I N F O                       

MaryJane O’Reilly – Director, Choreographer, Co Producer


p: 64 21 950 743


youtube: promo vid (to be updated)


Instagram:  @inflagranteburlesque

In Flagrante Second Season In Melbourne

Butterfly Club booking link:

 5 Carson Place. Off Lt Collins St.