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A skylight is a great way to change the aesthetics of any interior completely. The choice of installing a skylight or a retractable roof in your restaurant can be of great importance for any space, regardless of location. This will make the restaurant brighter, lighter and more attractive while maintaining the weather conditions. Most people are familiar with skylights. However, few people know that there are many different types, shapes and sizes to choose from. What people still cannot understand is that the retractable roof is no longer limited to a small rectangle or square.

When choosing a skylight, you have a choice between retractable or fixed roof windows. Here is a useful guide to comparing fixed roofs and retractable roofs Sydney, and we will look at the benefits of each so that you can make the perfect choice for your restaurant.

Fixed roof windows

A fixed skylight brings light to any room! This is a more famous and more traditional option, which is often of different sizes. They provide light and atmosphere in any restaurant. A skylight is a fixed roof window. They may include ventilation options, but the window itself does not open.

There are several options for different types of skylights, and there are also several additional features. You may have some choice in the quality of glass or molded plastic, although it depends on the manufacturer, and they are all available in different materials and colors for decoration. The glass for these skylights is usually tempered and laminated in glass units with single, double or triple glass, and in some cases with different reflective coatings and the like.

What are the benefits of fixed skylights?

  • All dormers are made of materials designed to resist shocks, including metal or wood frames and glass, or preformed plastic inserts. This helps with maintenance costs, as these windows may be affected by weather and wildlife.
  • Fixed (non-standard) dormer-windows are usually of a given size with predetermined design parameters and can be moderate in price.
  • Some suppliers offer custom fixed light skylights for unusual or large rooms, but there is usually a limit to the width that they can cover. Large gaps require manufacturers to have unique engineering and manufacturing and installation capabilities.
  • Immediately, we can note some advantage in cold weather, when the winter sun shining on the roof window can help to warm the space due to a small amount of heat. In hot weather, however, these skylights can let a lot of sunlight into space, sometimes to the detriment of your heating system. Non-standard skylights have more limited options for glazing materials, so shading in the interior is often required to reduce solar heat build-up. Custom fixed skylights alleviate this problem.
  • Whether from a shelf or custom-made, all fixed skylights are airtight and waterproof, they add brightness to your space and protect you from various elements.
  • In the upper historical space, such as a restaurant, hidden under an inclined roofline, or in the center of the metropolitan area, sometimes the only light is the light from above, which means that the interior spaces become dark. Skylights can appear to open space for the sky and turn a dark space into a light one.
  • A fixed skylight is a safe investment, but installation may not always be a guarantee. Consumers should be aware of what is included in the warranty specifically for the installation of units in the event of a leak.
  • Due to the temperature increase, a fixed luminous ventilation lamp is sometimes installed, this is usually done manually, but some suppliers offer electric ventilation holes. Although this is useful, the small size of the vent does not always allow the space to cool completely, so HVAC may be required until the vent in the roof is closed.

Custom Retractable Roofs

If you are renovating, building a new one or just remodeling, you might consider adding a custom retractable skylight to add more light to your rooms and provide increased ventilation and fresh air. A retractable skylight can be custom made to suit your space, so size, spans and materials do not limit you. A retractable skylight has all the advantages of a fixed, but there are even more advantages – it adds ventilation, lighting, and can be of any size! Hidden motors and thermally efficient glazing provide exquisite work and sophisticated aesthetics that open with the touch of a button and close just as quickly.

What are the benefits of sliding and retractable roofs?

  • Sliding roofs open quietly and smoothly and tightly close to prevent drafts and moisture. These devices work literally at the touch of a button, which can take just a few minutes to turn the entire indoor restaurant into an open patio.
  • The design is unique and fully customizable, adding sophistication and elegance to any space; you can choose the color of decoration, type of glazing, shape and size.
  • There are several features that you can add to a retractable roof, including rain or wind sensors, to automatically close the roof at the first sign of inclement weather. Your skylight can be tied to your building management system, so the job will be uninterrupted.
  • Sunlight does not just decorate a room but can help improve the mood of customers. The health benefits of natural light and fresh air are inexhaustible, and the retractable system can be especially useful in the winter months or on cold rainy days to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in society. They are also invaluable in good weather when everyone wants to be outdoors.

Choosing a retractable or fixed light opening for your restaurant

  • Sliding skylights are an option that allows you to look up at the sky and feel the fresh air while sitting inside. A retractable roof means your space is instantly transformed from inside to outside.
  • With any change in weather conditions, the retractable roof is a protective net for operators. There is no need to refuse guests who want to be only in the courtyard.

Other advantages of choosing roof windows for restaurants

  • Sliding skylights open to allow the heat to escape. With the help of fans, hot air rises and leaves the room, making it cooler, even if it is outdoors.
  • The type of glass used in a custom dormer-window is unlimited, you can choose any technical characteristics (color and coating) that you want, depending on what you decide, it will best support the required mechanical conditions in your room. UV coated glass can reduce solar heat build-up in the summer, and low-emission coatings help keep it warm in the winter, saving on heating and cooling costs throughout the year.
  • A retractable roof or a retractable skylight is also aesthetically pleasing. Visitors gravitate towards a brightly lit, well-ventilated space.


When choosing a manufacturer and supplier of skylights, it is extremely important to choose someone who does not compromise quality, design, materials or structural integrity and who strictly adheres to the requirements established by the international building code. The manufacture and installation of a skylight suitable for your room are difficult, as many factors play a role in its selection and installation. Is your restaurant a new building, renovation or addition; Working with a team of architects, engineers and manufacturers from the very beginning of your project provide a hassle-free solution through the opening. It also allows you to make sure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

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