If you’re lucky enough to own or have regular access to a boat or yacht then you know just how good it feels. The gentle tilt of the ocean swell, soothing you into a sweet bliss of contentment. The smell of the open seas, tickling your nostrils with the delicate dab of salt. The shining sun, reflecting off the waves. It really is the life. And what’s better than fishing for your own meal and cooking it on the boat? Nothing, that’s what! So let’s check out some exquisite meals that are best enjoyed on the open ocean.

The First Step 

First of all you need a boat or yacht to actually go fishing. If you don’t already own one then check out the internet for motor yachts for sale. Or if you want all of the pleasure of boating without the investment of purchasing a vessel you can check out local charter companies who are happy to loan you their boats for a fee. Note, you’ll need a boating license to operate a boat but these are relatively easy to acquire. Now that we’re up and on the sea let’s check out how to get cooking.

Get Grilling 

The next step is to equip your boat with a BBQ grill. You can buy special boat grills that are designed for operation on boats. Now this is a type of cooking that comes with some risk as it involves gas and the small, but realistic potential for explosions. Now nobody wants to be blown up, or have their yacht blown up so make sure that you take adequate precautions including a safety valve for your BBQ.

Most fish can be grilled but it is a bit of a challenge. The trick is to first sear the meat so the outside gets nice and crisp but you also need to make sure that the fish gets properly cooked the whole way through. Do this right and you’ll have a perfectly charred outside that covers a soft, smooth and creamy texture inside.

Now not all fish can be grilled direct on the grill. Those that can are fish like swordfish, salmon, tuna and halibut. More delicate fish like sole, flounder and tilapia need to be grilled in either a foil packet or a grill basket for the best results.

Before you chuck the little beauty on the grill you want to season it. Brush it lightly with some oil and sprinkle it with some salt and pepper. You can also rub some herbs into it. The type of herbs will depend on your personal preference but there are some that are better than others.

Other Seafood

There’s other types of seafood that are best enjoyed on the open ocean, and if you cheat and bring it from the shop instead of fishing we won’t tell anyone.Lightly crumb some calamari and fry it in some oil. Serve it with some tartare sauce for a lovely meal. This is best accompanied with roquette with some fresh dressing like basil and garlic or olive oil and balsamic.

Garlic prawns also never go astray and these can be grilled on the BBQ next to your fish. Hot tip – marinate them the night before so they really soak up all that tasty garlic.

Final Frying 

There you have it. First of all, acquire a boat via purchase or charter. Next step is to equip your vessel with a boating BBQ and ensure that it’s safe to operate. Then it’s time to fish! Once you have your haul make sure to follow the above tips to grill to perfection. Enjoy some calamari and prawns too.

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