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Regular fishing techniques and methods limit you within a certain area within the range of your fishing tools. Fishing planner boards allow you to enhance that range, access area which is out of immediate reach. In generally fishermen use boats for fishing in the deep sea, but even then the sound of the roaring engine alerts the fishes in the area, and most fish swim away. Planner boards are designed for trolling.

When you are planning to troll for fish, using planner boards can be a great idea. There are conditions which make the use of these boards even more active like, for example:

  • When you plan for casting in streams for catching fish.
  • Any water body with sufficient current offers a better surface for these boards to fall in place and provide better trolling. 
  • In case of trolling since multiple lines are used for fishing, planner boards help to streamline each of them and avoid tangling between lines.
  • Therefore you are allowed to use multiple lines without issues of tangling and better scopes of catching more fish.
  • Though it enhances your scope of reaching out to hard to reach areas, with complete targeting, yet you are also limited to baiting the area only behind your boat.

Tips For Fishing With Planner Boards

Using planner boards is not yet quite popular among all fishermen in business since there is not much advertising about it. Howeve, to enhance the trolling catch of your fishing trip, these boards are the ideal tool. However, for an inexperienced user, it can be a bit intimidating and confusing on how to use the board to offer optimum benefits. Here are some tips which can help you to handle planner boats better.

Trolling With Planner Boards

When setting up the tackle for bait, it should be same on all sides of the boat with all the lines, rods, lures, length of the lines being the same. When each of these lines and rods is kept in uniform position, distance it ensures that your bait is running at equal depth on all sides.

  • The prime advantage of this uniformity can be traced when fishes are reeled back to the boat from outside lines. If the lines are not uniform the line particularly with a catch may topple over another, creating tangling. 
  • Again, when you have the same length of rods, it even helps you to detect a catch. Generall, all the rods should look alike while trolling unless there is a catch in any of the rods or anything stuck when it bends down.
  • Even more, when a boat turns, if the lines are of different length, they will get tangled. But if they are uniformly positioned, even while they are reeled down, they will not trap while boat turning.

Control of Bait Depth

When you are using planner boards, you have complete control to determine precisely at which depth you would prefer to position your bait. The depth of placing the bait matters a lot in trolling, for different species of fishes stock in different layers of the depth of water. You can place your bait even at a distance from the side of the boat up to 150m or more in which case, the chances of catching fishes happen to be better.  Controlling the depth of the bait from the planner board is simple, which can be done by adjusting the length of the line between the board and the lure.

Therefore, to enhance your trolling catch volume, you can try either small or big planner boards. However, try to maintain the right technique of gauging right length of bait to position the bait in right depth to have a successful catch.