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First Supper Last – Colored Balls & Lobby Loyde – Australian CD – Free Postage – $11.90

first supper last – colored balls & lobby loyde – australian cd – free postage – $11.90
The First Suppper

Includes 20 page Booklet 

Free Postage in Australia

Coloured Balls’ First Supper Last is ostensibly the group’s first studio album, recorded in 1972 but not issued until 1976. The sub-title on the cover states “Scenes we didn’t get to see”. The original title for the album was Rock Your Arse Off. Although recorded on a shoestring budget (hence the trebly sound), this is a hard-hitting, gut-level rock album. 
The tracks are ragged to say the least, but they certainly capture the band’s early promise. The laconic “Time Shapes” and the gritty “Working Man’s Boogie” feature first-rate, dirty rock ‘n’ boogie with lashings of humour. High speed rock tracks like “Mama Loves To” and a cover of the Chuck Berry chestnut “Johnny B. Goode” combine savage playing from lead guitarist Lobby Loyde and original rhythm guitarist Andrew Fordham.On the other hand, “Liberate Rock Part 2” is a slow and bluesy reworking of the band’s debut single from 1972. Aztecs member Warren Morgan played distorted piano through a screwed PA system Loyde found in the studio (well, that’s what his liner notes on the back cover say!). “Love Me Girl Because” is one of the band’s more refined moments, a melodic pop song with chiming guitar riffs. It had already been issued on single as the B-side to “Mean Mouth Lives” (aka “Mr. Mean Mouth”) in 1973.

Key tracks: “Working Man’s Boogie”, “Mama Loves To”, “Love Me Girl Because”, “Time Shapes”

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