“amother sexcuse”​ to make hetero men feel superior an women to persuade n convince them otherwise 2 MENy stars

Well its Victorian era “out-to-tellectureusalls” about the power of the vagina in hip modern Brunswick at The Mechanics Institute theatre -wear pretty gals just wanna have fun drink n kill time til their local knight-clubs open til dawn. Firstly let me make it clear I’m gay so you can blame my anti-feminism (not) on the fact that we tooKnight have landed in womens’ whirled (again ,,,was the 60’s really that long ago darlings).

At least the audience were young colorful out of black non serious young things we usually ignore hetero-centric theatre for archiac dramtic arty opera 100yrs old. MenJOying themselves this packed house audience of questioning aka 1960s crowd loud w pre drinks were out watching a reinterpreted play 100yrs old by an old stuffed shirt Anton Russian Checkoff. Did we like it n the companies “no reviewer seats-buy a program approach” policy of fight for the rite to be arty… strangely enuf yes. I dont read books or plays love films n music warning thats why i didnt know it. As a walk in person in the waiting area we waited 20mins the show opened late it must have been the simple set that delayed them or was it the screamingly loud drinking gals throwing down $7 sparkling wine crammed into the entry hall-hand me the ear-plugs please.

Inside, up the back the plays light fun ire-everRANT dialogue began w a little ukeleily song by the arty drama queen architype dressed in black young lady then the parade of emasculated men from teen to septan-arien (70yr old man) via arty seriousness n just plain c**tworshipping men arriving in combination vignettes to defend themselves against sexism to pretty cock-teasing strong women n assorted losers. This visionary work was probably the first where role play reversed characters did love battles ending up w the ubiquitous failed maled suicide. Fun lite n gay theatre this woz not. Full of argue-typical feminine vignettes these psuedo intellectual prowling creatures of the nite partied on like it was still the eighties (the years they were born in?) nice work guys your fab vibrant peer group pretty educated audience loved the anarchy like we did back in the punk 70’s watching music conventional destroyed great knight out Mentertainment. Gals just wanna have fun go see it N salivate being Jung again gals! opening knight REVIEWED BY- theoperaboys.commoas Tom/Lionel Curtis Fry

STUPID FUCKING BIRDS(s) by Aaron Posner (after A Checkov SEAGULL) directed by Peter Blackburn 8-26 Feb starTs approx 7-30 by LIGHTNING JAR THEATRE

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