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Friday, May 27, 2022

The Mean Streets of Collinghood

Sprink was driving the backstreets to her co-working space, ready to play ping pong on astroturf… when she saw four guys gettin in biffos. ‘Twas 10:34am. Sprink stopped the car “Oi WTF are you guys...

23 – 25 August

Underground Cinema @ Sshh – if The Sprink were to start doing events which is a possibility, they’d be a mix of Underground Cinema and a Tina Arena concert in a cupboard, starring everyone on...
i saw a ufo

I saw a UFO

It was 7:43pm on a Monday about 5yrs ago when my ex and I went to get ice cream (not code, we legit were getting ice cream). As we turned out of Canning Street, Carlton...

16 – 18 August

Winter Wild @ Apollo Bay – grow out the leg hairs and don’t even think about plucking the chin, its cold in ABBalenciaga @ Bendigo – have never, will never, be able to pronounce...
shaani – moving bodies for a living

Shaani – moving bodies for a living

This is Shaani. She grew up in Melb with strict Italian parents whose influence determined a lot over what she did despite her trying to rebel. And no I did not filter the photo,...
miff opening night


The Sprink waltzed uninvited into the opening night of MIFF, followed closely by Remi (total babe: new track here), the guy who played Carl Williams and some blonde actors who look like Simon Baker – with not...
9 – 11 august

9 – 11 August

Xmas Near July @ Mamasita – a party for you all chucked by Maddawg Nicko the guy who owned a restaurant in Spain with Julian Lennon, and once had a bottle of Southern thrown at him...
jerome – the saint. the bar. the festerings.

Jerome – The Saint. The Bar. The Festerings.

This is Jerome. As in ST JEROME. Like, THE St Jerome – the bar, the festival, the legend. He is the reason Melbourne has a laneway culture and kewl bars under bridges in the...
shakespeare in love

Shakespeare In Love

By Sam –  who is back reviewing things for The Sprink YUSSSSS I want to have sex with William Shakespeare. Not the real Willy Spears (although I’ve definitely done worse), but MTC’s Shakespeare in Love version aka the new love of my...
come from away

Come From Away

Having heard from every fcking person on earth how good this show is, The Sprink rocked up with a vino in her paws and Alice (a Maddawg-yet-to-be-Maddawgged) on her arm, to see for herself. A...