A stunning review of A Perfect Square by Rachel Nightingale!

A Stunning Review Of A Perfect Square By Rachel Nightingale!
You pour your heart and soul into a work, slave away for a year, maybe two, and if you are very lucky, a publisher sees merit in it. Then you hope that readers will as well. Sometimes your book finds its way into the hands of the perfect reader. This is one of those times. I am so grateful...

Vince Jones @ Memo Music Hall

Where: Memo Music Hall, St Kilda When: Saturday 30th June 2018 Vince Jones has set the benchmark for Australian Jazz singers since his emergence in the jazz clubs of Melbourne in the late 70s and early 80s. His 20 album, international career has never hesitated in its musical evolution – a career played in the moment. He is that rare genre-defying artist who...

A second impeachment is just the start of Trump’s legal woes

a second impeachment is just the start of trump’s legal woes
 U.S. President Donald Trump walks out after speaking in the Brady Briefing Room in the White House in November 2020, three weeks after he lost the election. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) By becoming the first president to be impeached twice, Donald Trump’s controversial and divisive term as president is reaching a surreal ending. Although he will likely remain in office and...

Why do people try to drive through floodwater or leave it too late to flee? Psychology offers some answers

‘they lost our receipts three times’: how getting an insurance payout can be a full-time job
 Picture: Mark Baker/AP New South Wales is currently in the grip of one of largest flood events in decades. The NSW SES is helping thousands of people evacuate and has received more than 2,000 calls for help in the last 24 hours. Western Sydney is one of the areas hardest hit, with the Nepean River rising to levels higher than that of the great flood of 1961. Evacuation orders are...


john howard says whoops to a war crime
In an interview on Seven’s Sunday Night, John Howard says he was “embarrassed” to decide to go to war in Iraq based on wrong intelligence. Yes, he said, “embarrassed”. 600,000 people were killed in that war. He attacked and persecuted whistleblowers who kept telling the US, UK and Australian governments the intelligence was wrong or false. Bush, Blair and Howard...

This could be the end of the line for cruise ships

this could be the end of the line for cruise ships
The Ruby Princess off the coast of Sydney on April 5 2020. Joel Carrett/AAP Stranded cruise ships have become a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers and crew are desperate to get off but the ports to which they’ve headed don’t want them. It is no exaggeration to suggest this crisis could spell the end of the line for a industry already...

The COVID vaccine is here. When and to whom will we need to prove we’ve had it?

the covid vaccine is here. when and to whom will we need to prove we’ve had it?
 Picture: AAP/AP/Francois Mori Australia’s long-awaited COVID vaccine rollout is scheduled to begin on Monday. New laws have just been passed mandating the recording of COVID-19 vaccine information on the Australian Immunisation Register. The changes to the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015 will mean vaccination providers, such as GP clinics, will need to report to the government who was given the COVID-19 vaccine, both within and...

Lamb (A New Play with Songs) opening!

Lamb Lge
Image by Work Art Life Studios and Black Photography Hello, I’m very excited to share our new production with you. Jane Bodie and Mark Seymour are, without a shadow of a doubt great artists. And they are both great storytellers. Lamb (A New Play with Songs), is a powerful testament to that. This work began back at PLAYlist 2016, and it has been a...

Cowboys and moshpits

cowboys and moshpits
The Sprink’s friend Andre was back from her visit to Ireland and she needed help with her jet lag. Sprink whisked Andre to Sydneh Road-eo and after parking across two spaces, they went to Aldi for some neuro because sometimes hangovers last 24hrs. Sprink and Andre followed music up a staircase at Spotted Mallard to find a 200 person...