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Thursday, December 3, 2020

What’s on @ the FAC | Leaving Jackson | New on Sale

Featured Events Leaving Jackson: Johnny Cash and June Carter Show Sat 7 Mar, 7.30pm   Take a step back in time to when country music told a true story of life, love and heartache. From the famous Walk The Line and Folsom Prison Blues to the iconic Ring of Fire. For more than 40 years Johnny Cash and June Carter enthralled audiences around...

New exhibition explores the role of the Soviet Union in the Second World War

new exhibition explores the role of the soviet union in the second world war
In the lead-up to the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, a temporary exhibition about the Soviet Union's role in the defeat of Nazi Germany has gone on display at the Australian War Memorial. Shared Victory explores the often overlooked alliance between the Soviet Union and the West through a series of British and Soviet wartime posters...

The Power In Naming

the power in naming
  http://stevelucas.bandcamp.com/album/all-too-human WE have been told many times how in many cultures you never give someone your ‘real’ name or ‘soul’ name as it gives whoever knows it the ability to command a certain amount of power over you. I was thinking about this as I drifted off last night and how it also works in the naming of songs and...


concern over decline in new general practitioners
The numbers of new medical graduates registered as general practitioners has halved in two decades, according to new research from The University of Western Australia. The study, published today in the Medical Journal of Australia, looked at the numbers of medical graduates from the UWA Rural Medical School during a 20-year period. The team from UWA’s Rural Clinical School of WA...

It’s official: the last five years were the warmest ever recorded

it’s official: the last five years were the warmest ever recorded
Picture: Peter Rae/AAP The World Meteorological Organisation yesterday published a definitive climate report card showing concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise, and the last five years were the warmest on record. The Statement on the State of the Global Climate also confirmed that the ongoing drought and recent bushfires in Australia were a globally significant climate event. The report is an annual, comprehensive...

10 Things Not To Do When Renting A Car

10 things not to do when renting a car
Having a rental car at your disposal can be a huge benefit for you. In the case that you do not have a car or your car is at the workshop, renting a car can be a great advantage. With it, you can avoid waiting long hours for public transport and can use it any way that you like....


Why Not? She's far enough away from us in an environment that will supply oxygen for her latest attempt of saving our fair country, not without a fair whack of self promotion.

 If nothing else her persistence has to be admired, Hanson could maybe fill the gap for the Far Right dunny poster now that Cowboy Bob Katter has gone all warm, fuzzy and Indie!    She will certainly lift the hearts of the nation's cartoonists and caricaturists! 

Bob KatterImage via Wikipedia
We can't deny extreme views, we have to engage them head on, although in Victoria extreme views are held by many we consider family, friends and lovers...bloody Collingwood supporters! We can't deny those poor souls the succour of our familial love as we can't deny Bob or Pauline their chance to say their bit.

Hansonism should start running fluidly again once she starts stomping the boards, giving solid sound bites for emulation in the stand up comedian arena as well. Now that has to be a good thing.

Lets see how our Quixotic one trick pony can tilt at yet more windmills, keep us amused and shake up the what will be an interesting New South Wales Parliament.

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Mim – 95 & slaying alive

mim – 95 & slaying alive
Mim and I were sitting at GoGo bar under Chin Chin sippin on $20 cocktails. She had cleverly put her credit cards ‘somewhere down the bottom’ of her giant handbag so she could never find them, and therefore never spent too much. But dat fancy leopard hat – why you so thrifty, lady?Prices are ridiculous, its so expensive now. Life’s...