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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Krozier & The Generator – “Tranceformer”: Available again after 34 years

krozier & the generator – “tranceformer”: available again after 34 years
Geoff Krozier, also known as Jeff Crozier, is a true legend in Australian music, music folklore and magic. Known for his absolutely amazing and often bizarre stage performances while fronting a variety of bands in the 1970's, he eventually left Australia to seek to spread his word in the USA and France. He returned to Australia in 1980 and linked up with...

‘The Angry Ant’ by Kelvin Glare AO, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police (2015) Book review by Meredith Fuller

‘the angry ant’  by kelvin glare ao, former chief commissioner of victoria police (2015) book review by meredith fuller
“I see too many kids today who do not appreciate their own intrinsic value as human beings being bombarded with negative feedback about their worth. Little wonder that these kids get into trouble when they’re constantly reminded that they are failures. That success comes in a variety of forms is something we should all appreciate…self-esteem and a sense of...

Review of INTERNATIONAL STUD at The Butterfly Club

review of international stud at the butterfly club
Directed by Meredith Fuller Co Produced and starring Jacob Antolini as Arnold Co-starring Adam Hetherington convincingly in his first professional role as Ed. Music - including a stunning original composition - by the sultry Caitlin Berwick on power driven vocals and piano... With Paddy Adeney brilliantly and effortlessly on saxophone, guitar and piano. Effortlessly juxtaposing and enhancing the play itself. From the moment one...


zig & zag
In my early 20's I was working on the reception desk of the Travelodge Hotel, when I befriended a grey haired elderly gentleman who ran the hotel's kiosk/newspaper stand. Un-beknown to myself at the time, that elderly gentleman who always hid a copy of the TV week under the counter for me, was in fact Doug MacKenzie, one half...

KOOZA – Cirque du Soleil

kooza – cirque du soleil
A night under the big top - it's a magical space where time may often stand still, taking adults back to their childhood when the circus would roll into town. These days if one mentions circus, they would most often think of the global powerhouse that is Cirque du Soleil -  a company that has, over the last three...

Simply Red Big Love Tour 2016

simply red big love tour 2016
I have gone to every Simply Red concert in Melbourne for 30 years. His last 'Farewell Tour' was magnificent; I am delighted that he has done a John Farham. The mood in St Kilda was celebratory, as cafes blasted his albums. Chaotic hoards fanned out from eateries towards the flapper era concert hall, and quickly flipped shut into sedate single...

Cream of The Crate – Chain: Two Of A KInd

cream of the crate – chain: two of a kind
“One of Australia's best known blues bands."(Craig Harris - Allmusic) "The blues-inspired genius of Chain."(Jane Rocca - The Weekly Review November 2012 ) "Whilst many of the recordings left to us by Chain are memorable and at times brilliant, at the end of the day they were at their best when they were heard live." (This review) This is album review number...


adriana xenides
  Australian television show hostess Adriana Xenides was born 9 January 1956, and is best known for her role as ‘television show hostess’ alongside game show hosts, Ernie Sigley, Tony Barber, John Burgess and Rob Elliott on the successful show ‘Wheel of Fortune”. Born to a Greek father and Spanish mother in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Xenides moved to Adelaide with her family...

OJ SIMPSON (Squeezing the life out of “The Juice”)

oj simpson  (squeezing the life out of “the juice”)
OJ has spent just under a decade behind bars, and tomorrow, he could become a free man.  According the Nevada Department of corrections, Simpson's fate will be placed into the hands of four strangers on the parole board as early as tomorrow' in the hope of having the remainder of his sentence overturned. The former NFL star was sentenced to...

In Conversation With Carlos E. Bárcenas

Opera, could it possibly be the grandest of all art forms? Grand not only in terms of sheer scale and spectacle, but of the narratives and stories that are most often explored, delving into the deepest realms of our emotional subtext, exploring love and murder, hate and vengeance. Victorian Opera once again delivers with their latest offering to Melbourne...