The Passing Of A True Aussie Music Icon – Vale Ross Hannaford

the passing of a true aussie music icon – vale ross hannaford
By now most of the Australian music world has been made aware of the sad passing of Ross Hannaford.  The news became known to us with a posting of longtime doyan of the music scene and good friend of Ross, Bob Bright, who simply posted on Facebook, "Truly a national treasure lost. R.I.P. Ross Hannaford." Hanna at a session recording for...

Meredith Fuller talks with Ray Mooney, author of ’The Ethics of Evil: Stories of H Division’ (2016)

meredith fuller talks with ray mooney, author of  ’the ethics of evil: stories of h division’ (2016)
Available now from This visceral non-fiction book explores the true story of H Division, the punishment division within Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, that operated from 1958-1994, which was responsible for cultivating criminals who committed horrific crimes upon their release. “Some may have gone in as eighteen year olds, but the extreme brutality they were subjected to turned out potential monsters.” Established...


AUSTRALIAN MUSIC LEGEND Article written with the full support of Doug and Suzie Parkinson Doug Parkinson has enjoyed a 4 decade long and remarkably varied career in the Australian Music Fraternity, Stage, Musical Theatre, Acting and Advertising. He is regarded as one of Australia’s finest veteran vocalists, and one of the truly versatile talents amongst the Australian Musical Industry. With a sound...

Vic Simms (Aboriginal Singer/Songwriter) – The Loner – CD

vic simms (aboriginal singer/songwriter) – the loner – cd
Normally $25 Special for TAGG and Toorak Times readers! An extraordinary CD is now available on the Australian market and Toorak Times and TAGG readers can now purchase this unique CD. See distributors write up below for full description of product. BUY NOW "The album The Loner by Vic Simms was recorded in one hour at Bathurst Gaol in a mobile studio provided...


adriana xenides
  Australian television show hostess Adriana Xenides was born 9 January 1956, and is best known for her role as ‘television show hostess’ alongside game show hosts, Ernie Sigley, Tony Barber, John Burgess and Rob Elliott on the successful show ‘Wheel of Fortune”. Born to a Greek father and Spanish mother in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Xenides moved to Adelaide with her family...

‘The Angry Ant’ by Kelvin Glare AO, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police (2015) Book review by Meredith Fuller

‘the angry ant’  by kelvin glare ao, former chief commissioner of victoria police (2015) book review by meredith fuller
“I see too many kids today who do not appreciate their own intrinsic value as human beings being bombarded with negative feedback about their worth. Little wonder that these kids get into trouble when they’re constantly reminded that they are failures. That success comes in a variety of forms is something we should all appreciate…self-esteem and a sense of...

Black Sorrow’s Claude Carranza

black sorrow’s claude carranza
Since 1983, The Black Sorrows have continued to feature in the vast landscape that is the Australian music industry. With a legion of fans both here and across the globe, some of their many hits include Hold On To Me, Harley and Rose, Chained To The Wheel, and The Chosen Ones. The ARIA award band are coming to Melbourne next month performing a...

Krozier & The Generator – “Tranceformer”: Available again after 34 years

krozier & the generator – “tranceformer”: available again after 34 years
Geoff Krozier, also known as Jeff Crozier, is a true legend in Australian music, music folklore and magic. Known for his absolutely amazing and often bizarre stage performances while fronting a variety of bands in the 1970's, he eventually left Australia to seek to spread his word in the USA and France. He returned to Australia in 1980 and linked up with...

OJ SIMPSON (Squeezing the life out of “The Juice”)

oj simpson  (squeezing the life out of “the juice”)
OJ has spent just under a decade behind bars, and tomorrow, he could become a free man.  According the Nevada Department of corrections, Simpson's fate will be placed into the hands of four strangers on the parole board as early as tomorrow' in the hope of having the remainder of his sentence overturned. The former NFL star was sentenced to...

Common skin rashes and what to do about them

Common Skin Rashes And What To Do About Them
What’s that rash? Here’s what to look for to diagnose a common skin complaint. from Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of a rash on the skin – pink, red or purple, flat or bumpy, itchy, scaly, pus-filled, or just plain unsightly. This variety isn’t surprising, because the skin is a complicated organ. Infections, allergic reactions, immune system problems...