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Respectable Thief Nástio Mosquito

respectable thief nástio mosquito
Respectable Thief - where to begin exactly? This is a work which is as much layered as it is a superficial and visceral experience that skirts around a concept, never quite giving to us, the full picture. Powerful, evocative and immersive, each element here works in duality to present a vision that has evidently been granted time enough to...

And Then You Die by James H Longmore

And Then You Die By James H Longmore
I can’t describe what sort of taste was left in my mouth after reading James H Longmore’s …and Then You Die, a novel that marks my entry into the genre of bizarro, where absurdism and satire meet the weird and grotesque. If you find the concept of bizarro off-putting, then …and Then You Die  is not a book for you! But you’d...


 PYT Fairfield                                                                                                            Lead artist: Karen Therese...