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pope benedict xvi and father bob maguire

Pope Benedict XVI and Father Bob Maguire

SEND THE POPE YOUR CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR'S WISHES His Holiness, Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI. He will listen, but will He act? His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City WRITE TO HIS HOLINESS AND EXPRESS YOUR WISHES It...
is a state funeral justified?  


  GROUND BREAKER - NEWSMAKER  INSPIRATION When I heard that Lionel had died I thought, "A life lived, his way, because he could." Not many Koori men have that opportunity. Enough has been said by Gubbas I reckon. I found this...
bob katter has to be kidding!!! 


BOB KATTER'S AUSTRALIAN PARTY "Happy days are over my friend!" - Bob Katter 2/6/2011 I think the bastard has been reading my copy!!! I was only suggesting the Far Middle Party the other week! Katter reckons...

Perth Music

My first week as a Board member of the Western Austalian Music Industry has been huge, with the annual WAM Festival, featuring music industry workshops and gigs every night. I look forward to the up coming year contributing to the music scene in Perth. Six bands from Perth were nominated in the top 20 APRA songs of the year. The future looks bright for music from Perth.SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend
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AQUAMATION – To die for!  

END OF DAYS Death comes to us all and it is often more stressful for those left behind than their deceased loved ones would have contemplated. I know when Jack and Hazel passed away it...


BIG THANK YOU Moving to the new site is proving to be a slower process than I expected but those of you who have watched this blog take shape will still have to through that process with me over the next few months, given that you perchance hang around and check in every so often. The vBulletinPublishing suite I have chosen for the next step of the journey allows people to join and converse with each other and to also contribute to the main body of the site. TOORAK TIMES IN PRINT Toorak Times will reappear on the streets in May as an A5 sized magazine style pointer for the website. It will include useful listings and and deals and discount vouchers, as well plenty of other interesting bits and pieces. We are not too serious, in fact we can help to give you a bloody good laugh, whilst also assisting local businesses with their promotional budgets. If our rates appeal please feel free to contact us. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

On the money Kent…


Music And Colour And All 

The Senses Mixed Up

When we listen to great music we experience colour. Some people actually see the colours, others have a vague feeling of their presence. When this sensation isn't apparent it isn't music you are listening to.

Hearing, one of a collection of five figurines...Image via Wikipedia
Touch can give us a sense of taste, try it when you stroke a lover's skin and you'll know it is true, you'll know what they taste like. We can hear the sounds in a great painting. Again, some can actually hear the individual noises, most of us receive the sensation of the sound. The silence in some paintings can be daunting and completely unlike an absence of sound.

All the senses are connected and should inspire each other.  Most of what I experience around me is aimed at a singular sense and lacks the depth to trigger other responses. I've been trying to work out what has been making me feel so uncomfortable for so long and today it just came to me. This knowledge was in me, another human triggered it. 

When other humans inspire all the senses at once we know something deep and real is happening.


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This Sunday (3 April) we kick off our regular Sunday Afternoon Jazz sessions with two sets from the wonderful Travis Woods Trio and a scrumptious lunch menu from the Bangkok Brasserie Chefs. 

$25 per person covers the food and the sounds, while drinks will be available at bar prices. We will be open for lunch from 12.30pm with the boys firing up at 1.30pm and performing live until 3.30pm. Bookings recommended on 9078 8698.


Following our successful debut Degustation Dinner on Tuesday 22 March, Bangkok Brasserie will now host Degustation Tuesday on the first Tuesday of every month. The next Degustation Dinner will be on Tuesday 3 May, 2011. 

Dominic Britten from winestore.net.au will once again personally select the wines to accompany the cuisine. Eight courses. Eight wines. $80.00 per person all inclusive. Bookings essential on 9078 8698.

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Great Effort by the jackjackjackie team!

Big effort by Jackie Yong and her team putting on this public event for the World's Greatest Shave! Most of the pics were taken by my son James, who is in recovery from the disease, including the clip of Bex.

It was a brilliant day in Fitzroy Street, sun was shining and people were very willing to part with their cash, and a few even went through with a colour or a shave, including Bex who raised over $400 on her own to lose her crowning glory!

Off with what hair I have left!

I missed these kind fellows names...

Daniel and his mate Ollie did their bit all afternoon encouraging people to contribute to the cause...

Jordan from Pittsburgh...

Marcus from up Byron Bay....

Laika Bar Chef  Paul gets some vegetable colouring...

My oldest daughter Zoe, contributing, also did some awesome spruiking and can rattling as did youngest Emma...

Tania got some purple added...

Thanks mate...

Bex...before shot...

Random hand of kindness...

Bex...after shot. Bex raised about $400 on her own to add to the team total.

Even Jackie's mannequin insisted on participating...

The real stars, Jackie and her crew raised about $500 over the 2 days and I believe the total will increase over the next week.

Jackie says she will do this again next year, this is also my son James last year of treatment and he says he'll shave his head at next years event.
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Qld Flood Relief 13th March 
Photo of Australian singer/song-writer Russell...Image via Wikipedia
Russel Morris

Sorrento Football Oval

Gates open 1pm


Tony Byrne/ Molly Meldrum/Coxy to share MC role 

·  2:00 - 2:20           Munster Terrace 5 piece
·      2:30 – 2:50           San Fran Disco  5 piece. Keys, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. (Min 4 vocal         mics)
·      3:00 - 3:20            The Love Stars ------3x vocals 1 x keys
·      3:30 - 3:50            Mick Pealing (solo Acoustic guitar)

·      4:00 - 4:20           Wendy Stapleton & Paul Norton  (2 x vocals 1 x acoustic guitar

Wendy Stapleton performing at Candles by the B...Image via Wikipedia
·      4:20                   Elliott Goblet 10 mins

·      4:30 - 4:50             Ron Martini and band – 3 guitars, bass, drums  4 x vocal mics and 4 x di’s)

·      5:00 - 5:20           Chris and Peter Doe  X FACTOR  

·      5:30 – 5:50          Russell Morris (solo acoustic)
·      6:00 - 6:10            Degen Agnew (comedian acoustic guitar)

·      6:30 – 7:00          Madder Lake  

·      7:15 – 7:45          Big and Horny


Final 15 minutes speeches, then Bye with a little help from my friends & Long Way to the Top.

If you are at a loose end tomorrow it would be a great place to spend a lazy Sunday

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