What and where is heaven? The answers are at the heart of the Easter story

Drawing by Wes Mountain My pious Baptist grandmother once shockingly confessed, at the ripe old age of 93, that she didn’t want to go to heaven. “Why,” we asked? “Well, I think it will be rather boring just sitting around on clouds and singing hymns all day” she answered. She had a point. Mark Twain might have agreed with her...

Not just activists, 9 out of 10 people are concerned about animal welfare in Australian farming

The live export of animals the top welfare concern of people in a recent report. AAP Image/Kelly Barnes Recent protests by animal welfare activists on Australian abattoirs and farms and city streets triggered a backlash from meat-lovers and MPs. The activists were labelled “un-Australian” by the Prime Minister and others, and the protests prompted calls for tougher trespass laws and penalties. Protests have continued more recently, with a Perth restaurant targeted earlier...

Grattan on Friday: Scott Morrison braces for judgement by Malcolm Turnbull’s old voters

Grattan on Friday Header
Former prime minister John Howard who backed Morrison’s shift on Israel, joined Liberal candidate for Wentworth Dave Sharma on the campaign trail. Dean Lewins/AAP With a mix of gall and desperation, Scott Morrison appeals to the electors of Wentworth to vote for stability. He warns against sending the government into minority rule, forced to ignore the fact that if this...

Coalition narrows gap to trail 48-52% in post-budget Newspoll

Shorten said the government was buying time "to pump up their own tyres” with advertising. Ellen Smith/Joel Carrett/AAP The government has narrowed the gap in the post-budget Newspoll, now trailing 48-52% in two-party terms, compared with the 46-54% margin a month ago. As Scott Morrison readies to call the election, with speculation he will announce next weekend for May 18,...

Honour them from home this Anzac Day

honour them from home this anzac day
Australians are standing ready to commemorate Anzac Day very differently this year due to COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings. Instead of attending the traditional commemorations held across the country, we will be remembering from home the sacrifice of those who served. The National Archives is making this year's Anzac Day a little easier by encouraging all Australians to help...

Needless procedures: knee arthroscopy is one of the most common but least effective surgeries

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Knee arthroscopy requires admission to hospital and an anaesthetic. It carries some risk of harm such as infection or further damage in the joint. from shutterstock.com More than 70,000 knee arthroscopies were performed in 2011 in Australia and, though rates of the surgical procedure are now falling, it still remains one of the most common surgical procedures. The word arthroscopy means to look...

NEW Creative Meditation Workshops in St Kilda

New Creative Meditation Workshops In St Kilda
Stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Just relax they say Take deep breaths they say Be mindful they say Great - So now you have mindfully hyperventilated Relaxed? Nope  So, you try another approach and finally make it to that Yoga class, or you’re soaking up a sunrise view in lotus position and trying to still your mind with ‘Om’ and…. up pops that darn “to-do” list...

Beef stock: Contains no added MSG, no Preservatives, no Artificial Colours or Flavours, no Beef… Huh?

beef stock: contains no added msg, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, no beef… huh?
I thought beef stock would be made of at least some bovine offal-ish leftovers. But no, according to the ingredients label. Tuck in, my vegetarian friends. It tastes good, and I’m glad no animals suffered for the sake of filling my belly. (From Aldi Supermarket)


the ideology behind herd immunity
When COVID-19 hit Australia, it took a while for our federal government to wake up and shut down public gatherings and close our borders. In fact, while state leaders closed down their jurisdictions, the Prime Minister was still encouraging people to go to the footy, carry on as normal, nothing to see here. When he finally caught up, he told...


There is so much to digest here in this performance, it's well crafted, spine tingling theatre, that is as obscure as it is relatable. Central to this work, is a tight and well-crafted script which places the story of Adam and Eve, Salom and John the Baptist against moments that are all together more autobiographical. Yarn is as intimate...