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This is quilting as you've never imagined. Extraordinary artworks created with hand printed fabric, fibre and thread. Helen prints, layers, stitches and constructs textured and infinitely tactile pieces that are as appealing framed and hanging on a wall as they are being draped on a chair. Using diverse reference including native flora, watery swirls and oriental patterning, Helen's work...


So Delicate, So Delicious…
The famous White Rose prawn dumplings of Hoi An: Compared to South Melbourne Market Dim Sims? Well, think of Snow White next to Shrek. I told the owner the “garnish” – crunchy dried, fried onion bits – made my hair re-grow, as I scoffed the lot. Tip: don’t eat the green thing in the dipping juice, it’s hothothothot… The post...

Listen To Older Voices: Phyllis Jones – Part 1

listen to older voices: phyllis jones – part 1
We present a Golden Moment Repeat program - a program we have pulled from our archives of treasured memories to bring the story to those who may have missed it the first time.   This is part 1 of a 2-part program featuring the Life & Times of Phyllis Jones. When Phyllis was interviewed in 2012 she had reached the grand age...

Loneliness is a social cancer, every bit as alarming as cancer itself

loneliness is a social cancer, every bit as alarming as cancer itself
Young adults and people living in the inner city are among those most likely to be lonely, according to the ABC’s Australia Talks project.  Image from www.shutterstock.com The ABC’s Australia Talks project aims to stimulate a conversation on a broad sweep of topics — from job security and sexual habits to national pride and personal finances. The project is based on the results...

Need to find a good restaurant? Economics serves up some golden rules

Stay away from the tourists traps, economics tells us. Your best bet are those cozy places away from the bustle. www.shutterstock.com Where to eat? It’s a question you’ve probably pondered when visiting somewhere unfamiliar. Though it’s fun to explore a strange suburb, town or city, when you’re hungry you’d rather minimise the chance of paying exorbitant prices for an...

Sunday essay: has Donald Trump broken satire?

sunday essay: has donald trump broken satire?
 For a long time, the answer has been yes. When Saturday Night Live, John Oliver and the satirical establishment railed at him, the president’s supporters were only strengthened in their belief there was a highbrow plot against their guy. Trump met anger with anger, and the effect of satire on public opinion played out to a very noisy draw. Now, however, three...

Permission to laugh? Humour without risk of danger and offence would be an emaciated thing

Permission To Laugh? Humour Without Risk Of Danger And Offence Would Be An Emaciated Thing
When does parody spill into insensitive cultural appropriation? While Chris LIlley is probably OK to appropriate the upper North Shore culture of Ja’mie (pictured), he’s on dodgier ground with   Jonah from Tonga. Princess Pictures, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) We live in an age of rising gelotophobia; not, in case you are wondering, a fear of ice-cream, but a fear...

Parallax @ Gasworks

Parallax @ Gasworks
Parallax A new world of dance and 3D animation Gasworks Arts Park opens their 2018 mainstage season with Parallax from 1-3 March. This triple bill of contemporary dance integrates human movement, animation and 3D illusions in an incredible show by Melbourne based choreographer, animator, performer and academic, Megan Beckwith. Megan Beckwith is the only...


HaxTraxSt Kilda mural: USA artist highlights plight of Great Barrier ReefEnd of the road for Bangkok’s Khao San Road?A’PEELING PRAWNSCAMPING IN ST KILDAFRACTAL CITY: in the end the machines will win Staple food with ample tastePERPLEXING PAPPADAMSBeef stock: Contains no added MSG, no Preservatives, no Artificial Colours or Flavours, no Beef… Huh?ONCE BITTER, NOW MELLOW IN A TASTEBUDS TANGOhttp://haxtrax.com...


william shakespeare aka john cave
 John Stanley Cave better known under his stage name of “William Shakespeare” was born 19 November 1948 in Sydney, New South Wales. Fame that comes out of nowhere and disappears just as fast may be the cruelest of all. A star at 26, finished at 27 and lived until 61. Cave had 34 years to sit back and reflect...