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zig & zag
In my early 20's I was working on the reception desk of the Travelodge Hotel, when I befriended a grey haired elderly gentleman who ran the hotel's kiosk/newspaper stand. Un-beknown to myself at the time, that elderly gentleman who always hid a copy of the TV week under the counter for me, was in fact Doug MacKenzie, one half...

Listen To Older Voices: Pat Wilson – Part 1

listen to older voices: pat wilson – part 1
Welcome to Listen To Older Voices, a program produced by Rob Greaves for Wesley Mission Victoria and podcast through the Toorak Times. Listen To Older Voices presents the stories, views and opinions of our older citizens. It is predominantly in a life & times format, with interviewees reflecting upon their lives from earliest memories. An underlying principal of the program is...


Paul Mcnamee (am)
Paul McNamee back in his day, was undoubtedly just as much tennis eye candy as he was a legendary player . Born and raised in Melbourne, 12 November, 1954, McNamee started playing tennis in 1961 at the tender age of seven years old. Then, after showing so much promise as a junior, this talented teenager went on to win his...

Why you might feel anxious returning to ‘normal’ after lockdown – and how to cope

why you might feel anxious returning to ‘normal’ after lockdown – and how to cope
  Picture: Joice Kelly/Unsplash As lockdown eases today in New South Wales, and will do so in Victoria later this month, many people will begin readjusting to “normal” life. Exiting lockdown after several months can lead to a range of feelings, from excitement and relief to stress and worry. While it may seem counter-intuitive to feel anxious about returning to past freedoms...

Cream Of The Crate: Billy Thorpe – Time Traveller

cream of the crate: billy thorpe – time traveller
 "Pick Me Up, and Play Me Loud"  Cream of The Crate Collection – This review originally appeared in the Toorak Times in a series called Cream of the Crate in November 2012.  This is a revised retro-review of that album. Cream of The Crate albums are albums, either vinyl or CD, in my collection that I believe were of significant musical value, either...

Bentleigh – Event director of sexpo

bentleigh – event director of sexpo
This is Bentleigh. He is the Event Director of SEXPO. I’m sure he is many other things too – husband, father, friend – but I don’t care. How do you get to become the Event Director of SEXPO?  I led a pretty boring life, did the standard university thing , a short gap year (of four weeks), and then found a full time...

Lonely after lockdown? How COVID may leave us with fewer friends if we are not careful

lonely after lockdown? how covid may leave us with fewer friends if we are not careful
  Picture: Mick Tsikas/AAP Many of us have been struggling with isolation and loneliness during COVID lockdowns, despite the increase in online interactions. Amid concerns over lost friendships and social skills, people may be wondering if their social lives will “go back to normal” as restrictions begin to lift around the country. Our new study looks at what happened to Australians’ social lives during lockdown. The findings...

Can I catch COVID from the pool? Not from the water but watch out for the change rooms and queues

can i catch covid from the pool? not from the water but watch out for the change rooms and queues
  Picture: BIANCA DE MARCHI/AAP As NSW and Victoria speed toward target COVID vaccination rates and the associated relaxation of lockdown rules, many are considering a trip to the local pool in the near future. Already in NSW, you can swim at outdoor pools under certain conditions. So, how can you stay safe and reduce your COVID risk when at the local public...


christopher reeve
Best known for his lead role in four of the Superman Movies, Christopher Reeve was a fictional character with superhuman characteristics and abilities, which were used to benefit mankind. But in 1995, sadly Reeve’s fictional powers, couldn’t save him from his greatest challenge ahead, after an equestrian accident, left him paralyzed from the neck down. Christopher Reeve was born September...

Don’t wear earphones all day – your ears need to breathe

don’t wear earphones all day – your ears need to breathe
  Picture: Shuttlestock Wireless earphone sales are booming, with Apple alone selling an estimated 100 million sets of AirPods in 2020. Being untethered from our phones or devices means we are likely to wear earphones for longer periods. As a result, you might notice your ears feeling more sticky or waxy. Is this common? And what happens to our ears when we wear...