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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Listen To Older Voices: Pasquale Colodonato – Part 2

listen to older voices: pasquale colodonato – part 1
This is second part of the 3-part Life & Times story of Pasquale Colodanato. In Part 1 we learned he was born in 1935 and at the age of 6 was sleeping in the hills outside his rural Italian village, looking after sheep. Not only did Pasquale lose his father during the war, his family home was destroyed and at...

Thinking of ditching private health insurance in the pandemic? Here’s how to calculate if it’s worth it for you

thinking of ditching private health insurance in the pandemic? here’s how to calculate if it’s worth it for you
Image: Shuttlestock Almost all private health insurers increased their premiums in October, and have scheduled another price rise for April 2021. As many people struggle financially amid the pandemic, you may be wondering whether you should drop your private health insurance altogether. Before you do, bear in mind some government policies affect the cost of your insurance, and sometimes dropping it may...


nicole richie
Adopted at the age of three, Richie grew up in privileged L.A. society, where her playmates included hotel heiress Paris Hilton and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. She paired up with Paris in the reality show “The Simple Life” for five seasons. After arrests and problems with drugs, Richie found herself in rehab. The former wild-child has now become a...


adriana xenides
  Australian television show hostess Adriana Xenides was born 9 January 1956, and is best known for her role as ‘television show hostess’ alongside game show hosts, Ernie Sigley, Tony Barber, John Burgess and Rob Elliott on the successful show ‘Wheel of Fortune”. Born to a Greek father and Spanish mother in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Xenides moved to Adelaide with her family...

OJ SIMPSON (Squeezing the life out of “The Juice”)

oj simpson  (squeezing the life out of “the juice”)
OJ has spent just under a decade behind bars, and tomorrow, he could become a free man.  According the Nevada Department of corrections, Simpson's fate will be placed into the hands of four strangers on the parole board as early as tomorrow' in the hope of having the remainder of his sentence overturned. The former NFL star was sentenced to...


Their success was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and before the Spice Girls, they were the biggest girl group in the world even surpassing the Supremes. The Bands original lineup consisted of Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey. In the aftermath of punk, three girls came together with no obvious qualifications, but a vision to start their own pop group. These...

Five things to know about the Antichrist

five things to know about the antichrist
Luca Signorelli’s Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist ( c. 1499 and 1502). Wikimedia Commons In the history of the West over the last 2000 years, there has never been a time when someone hasn’t been predicting the end of the world. And now, with a seemingly insoluble climate crisis, pandemic surges, savage wildfires and hurricanes, and a renewed nuclear arms race, seems no time to...


international success for australian games graduate
 Games graduate Dylan Walker is capitalising on a booming games industry in Australia. The 27 year old from Melbourne has recently had his game Elden: Path of the Forgotten released on global gaming platform Nintendo Switch. The Switch console has sold almost 62 million units worldwide since its release in 2017. Originally conceived as part of his final project whilst studying the Bachelor of Games Development...

Sunday essay: why we need children’s life stories like I Am Greta

sunday essay: why we need children’s life stories like i am greta
Picture: EPA/MANUEL DE ALMEIDA When a young celebrity writes a memoir or has a biography written about them, a common response is: they are too young. This child or adolescent cannot possibly have lived enough of a life, or have a useful perspective. Their story cannot be instructive enough to be valuable to others. This point of view reveals the weight...

The US is taking on Google in a huge antitrust case. It could change the face of online search

the us is taking on google in a huge antitrust case. it could change the face of online search
Image: Jens Meyer/AP The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google for unlawful monopolisation. The department says Google’s conduct harms competition and consumers, and reduces the ability of new innovative companies to develop and compete. It’s the most important monopolisation case in the US since 1998, when the DoJ brought proceedings against Microsoft. It’s possible the current proceedings, given...