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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Cream of The Crate: Album # 160 – Ray Brown And The Whispers: Hits & More 1965 – 1968

cream of the crate: album # 160 – ray brown and the whispers: hits & more 1965 – 1968
"One of Australia's hottest bands of the mid-60's." (Album liner notes) "With his good looks and boyish charm, Ray Brown was up there with Billy Thorpe and Normie Rowe as one of Australia's top pop stars." (100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60s - Pepperell & Talbot) This is album review number one hundred and sixty in the series of retro-reviews...

DELTA FLIGHT 191 – (Richard Laver – Survivor)

delta flight 191 – (richard laver – survivor)
It’s August 2, 1985 Delta Airlines domestic flight 191 had originally taken off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is scheduled to complete it’s trip in Los Angeles after a brief stop over at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The plane is a Lockheed L-1011-385-1 Tristar. The Captain is Edward N. Connors, (57 years) and he had been flying with the airline since 1954....


remembering anita cobby  (30 years on)
Anita Cobby was the young beautiful nurse at the centre of a crime, so horrific that it changed the nations attitude towards justice, punishment and parole forever.  And 30 years ago today, Anita Cobby's five brutal killers were each sentenced to life in prison, never to be released. The story of Anita Cobby has been remembered as one of the...

Cream of The Crate – Noeleen Batley: Little Treasure [The Festival Files Vol. 1]

cream of the crate – noeleen batley: little treasure [the festival files vol. 1]
“This is the first collection of her work to be released and can certainly be said to be long overdue."(Glenn A. Baker - liner notes) "Female artists in Australia always have had and continue to today to have, an uphill battle for recognition. In so many ways the battle began with Noeleen Bately and she should be revered as being...

What is The Little Pin Up?

what is the little pin up?
A thirty-minute short film with more love, sugar and firepower than most and a big beating heart. Imagine you are in an elevator right now. Here is the pitch: ‘Max’s perfect, nine-year-old reality comes crashing down when he gets the wrong Pin Up Toy for Christmas – The Little Pin Up. The only way she can win Max’s affection is to...

Will Jova joined by INXS Bass Player

Will Jova - for whom tribute morphs into reality Lead singer of the sensational INXS Tribute show - INSX, Will Jova, has formed his new, original band WILL and will be playing around Australia very soon Garry Gary Beers of INXS fame has agreed to play bass & grace one of their songs with his renowned dexterity & skill from a...

The Passing Of A True Aussie Music Icon – Vale Ross Hannaford

the passing of a true aussie music icon – vale ross hannaford
By now most of the Australian music world has been made aware of the sad passing of Ross Hannaford.  The news became known to us with a posting of longtime doyan of the music scene and good friend of Ross, Bob Bright, who simply posted on Facebook, "Truly a national treasure lost. R.I.P. Ross Hannaford." Hanna at a session recording for...

WARWICK CAPPER (Australian Football Extrovert)

warwick capper  (australian football extrovert)
Love him or hate him, Warwick Capper is one of the most flamboyant, self promoting and self loving Australian Rules players in the history of AFL Football, but beneath the extrovert personality, lies a very intelligent man who clearly knows how to use his body and mind to provide a very comfortable lifestyle. Warwick Capper was born in Victoria, Australia. Capper’s...


It may seem inconceivable that a widow and her five children could become the nation’s most successful pop act, but it is the storyline that dominated the hit television series “The Partridge Family”. This is how it all began. The Cowsills, were an all American family oriented singing group from Newport, Rhode Island. The band was formed in 1965, by...

Meredith Fuller talks with Ray Mooney, author of ’The Ethics of Evil: Stories of H Division’ (2016)

meredith fuller talks with ray mooney, author of  ’the ethics of evil: stories of h division’ (2016)
Available now from Amazon.com This visceral non-fiction book explores the true story of H Division, the punishment division within Pentridge Prison, Melbourne, that operated from 1958-1994, which was responsible for cultivating criminals who committed horrific crimes upon their release. “Some may have gone in as eighteen year olds, but the extreme brutality they were subjected to turned out potential monsters.” Established...