the music victoria awards return for 2020
Music Victoria is thrilled to reveal that the 16th annual Music Victoria Awards will return in 2020 during Melbourne Music Week to celebrate the vast achievements of Victoria's music community over the last year. Despite live music coming to a standstill since COVID-19 restrictions came in place, there have been huge achievements by the Victorian music community. This year, Music Victoria is pleased to introduce three...

What is The Little Pin Up?

what is the little pin up?
A thirty-minute short film with more love, sugar and firepower than most and a big beating heart. Imagine you are in an elevator right now. Here is the pitch: ‘Max’s perfect, nine-year-old reality comes crashing down when he gets the wrong Pin Up Toy for Christmas – The Little Pin Up. The only way she can win Max’s affection is to...

Victoria is on the precipice of an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak. Will the new measures work?

victoria is on the precipice of an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak. will the new measures work?
Image: James Ross/AAP I recently wrote about Victoria’s surge in COVID-19 cases. On that day, Victoria recorded 11 new infections, after a few days of new cases in the high teens and low twenties. I wondered then whether the situation could be brought quickly under control. Unfortunately, it has since got much worse. On Wednesday, the state recorded 73 new cases, after 64...

Forget JobSeeker. In our post-COVID economy, Australia needs a ‘liveable income guarantee’ instead

forget jobseeker. in our post-covid economy, australia needs a ‘liveable income guarantee’ instead
Picture: Kelly Barnes/ AAP There are now less than three months to go before the expanded JobSeeker payment is due to end. As a result, there is a growing political debate about what should happen to the unemployment payment that was roughly doubled in April. While the government is reportedly considering a revamp of both the JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments, we believe a much...

Man Meets Mountain

man meets mountain
Argentina has that 'little' mountain range  - the Andes. This has a great influence on the wines.  As you go higher up the mountain, it is cooler.  The grapes ripen slower and more elegant wines are made. Argentinean Malbecs are known for their full bodied styles with rich fruit flavours. These go brilliantly with their great steaks.  But sometimes you...

How Has Social Media Altered the Australian Business Landscape?

how has social media altered the australian business landscape?
In 2020, it’s almost impossible to dissect where a business’ social media starts and ends, with this powerful channel now such a critical part of the operational mix. Now more than ever, social media is the preferred format in which to engage, educate and establish an identity. Now, that’s not to say that this is necessarily positive, but it...

Difference Between A Barber And A Men Hairdresser

difference between a barber and a men hairdresser
People look for perfection in most of their everyday activities. Haircutting or dressing is no exception. Most of the commoners often wonder why they will require visiting professional men hairdressers for having a simple hair-cut. The answer, however, is hidden within several factors. But, the fundamental explanation for such query may be that, as a cardiologist has nothing to do...

Cream of The Crate: Album Review # 187 – Ricky Nelson: All My Best

cream of the crate: album review # 187 – ricky nelson: all my best
  This review was originally posted on the first Toorak Times web site where publications ceased on that site in March 2017. The old site will be permanently closed in 2020 and these reviews are being re-published in order to preserve them on the current Toorak Times/Tagg site.  This is album retro-review number 187 in the series of retro-reviews of...

Neverending stories – why we still love Unsolved Mysteries

neverending stories – why we still love unsolved mysteries
Picture: Artem Kovalev/Unsplash, Since the mid-1980s, the Unsolved Mysteries television program has investigated thousands of weird and wonderful tales. The popularity of the series over almost 35 years, more than 600 episodes, and five reboots, is testament to the high level of interest in narratives that don’t have a neat resolution. The latest incarnation – from Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, an...

By persisting with COVIDSafe, Australia risks missing out on globally trusted contact tracing

by persisting with covidsafe, australia risks missing out on globally trusted contact tracing
Image: Scott Barbour/AAP Image Australia has ruled out abandoning the government’s COVIDSafe contact tracing app in favour of the rival “Gapple” model developed by Google and Apple, which is gaining widespread support around the world. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth told The Project the COVIDSafe app was “a great platform”. In the two months since its launch, COVIDSafe has been downloaded just over...