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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Listen To Older Voices: Simon Rashleigh – Part 3

listen to older voices: simon rashleigh – part 3
    This is the third and penultimate program that features the Life and Times of Baby Boomer – Simon Rashleigh.     Born in the 1950’s, Simon has had a life-long career in many elements of the Australian music business, despite dipping his toe in and out of other careers in other industries. In this program Simon shares more fascinating stories, stories of his...

Prince Philip dies: old-school European aristocrat and dedicated royal consort

prince philip dies: old-school european aristocrat and dedicated royal consort
      Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on his last official engagement in 2017. Yui Mok/PA Archive/PA Images The death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh marks the end of a chapter not just for the British royal family – but for European monarchy itself. Philip belonged to that cosmopolitan world of interrelated royals that had ruled Europe before the...

Sunday essay: truth telling, Return to Uluru and reckoning with the sins of fathers

sunday essay: truth telling, return to uluru and reckoning with the sins of fathers
  Picture: Lukas Coch/AAP Return to Uluru is the latest book from respected historian Mark McKenna. It is one of a few history books published recently that explicitly engage with the Uluru Statement from the Heart and its demand for a nationwide process of truth telling — one that some key advocates insist should be pursued locally and pluralistically. Not one truth, but many truths. McKenna has already...

What is thrombocytopenia, the rare blood condition possibly linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine?

what is thrombocytopenia, the rare blood condition possibly linked to the astrazeneca vaccine?
  Image Shuttlestock The federal government has asked Australia’s medical and vaccine regulators to urgently consider the European Medicines Agency’s finding of a possible link between the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and rare blood clots. This follows reports over recent weeks of blood clots in a small number of people around the world who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine, including one man who was hospitalised in...

Phone wet and won’t turn on? Here’s how to deal with water damage (hint: soaking it in rice won’t work)

phone wet and won’t turn on? here’s how to deal with water damage (hint: soaking it in rice won’t work)
  Picture: Shuttlestock If you’ve ever gotten your phone wet in the rain, dropped it in water or spilt liquid over it, you’re not alone. One study suggests 25% of smartphone users have damaged their smartphone with water or some other kind of liquid. Liquid penetrating a smartphone can affect the device in several ways. It could lead to: blurry photos, if moisture...

Pro Sofa Clean-Professionally Disinfecting Your Workplaces

pro sofa clean
In any business realm, it does not matter how renowned your brand is, but what matters is the idea behind it. For some people, cleanliness and hygiene maintenance is a simple task, but it is a habit for others. But some consider it a ritual to be performed wholeheartedly. All these paradigms make cleanliness an ideal factor of life. Why...

Drug checking and an early warning network in Victoria could save lives: new coroner’s report

drug checking and an early warning network in victoria could save lives: new coroner’s report
  Image: Shuttlestock This week the Coroners Court of Victoria released its findings into a cluster of five drug-related deaths across Melbourne between July 2016 and January 2017. The five young males, aged between 17 and 32, were all found to have consumed an unusual combination of two new psychoactive substances. Most of the deceased thought they were taking MDMA. Coroner Paresa Spanos has...

With the government on the ropes, Anthony Albanese has a fighting chance

with the government on the ropes, anthony albanese has a fighting chance
  Image: Wes Mountain/The Conversation Some promising polling for Labor in recent weeks has inevitably raised that perennial question for a party whose national triumphs since Federation 120 years ago have been rare: can it win the next election? And in the manner of modern elections, the question soon becomes a more personal one: can it win under its present leader, Anthony...

HODDLE STREET MASSACRE [ Julian Knight shooter ]

hoddle street massacre
The Hoddle Street Massacre was a mass shooting that occurred on the evening of Sunday, 9 August 1987, in Hoddle Street, Clifton Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. Julian Knight was a nineteen year old former army cadet who at the time, had just been expelled from the Royal Military College in Canberra. Adopted into an army family...

PETS CORNER [ Article # 1 ]

pets corner [ article # 1 ]
As a Former Veterinary Nurse with over 15 years experience under my belt, I think I am more than qualified to add the odd article to this section. Many times over the years my friends have called me day and night with questions, about “Pet Care”. So lets start with all the basics. DOGS HOW TO CHOOSE A FRIEND There’s a whole...