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Why the Australia-France submarine deal collapse was predictable

why the australia-france submarine deal collapse was predictable
  Aerial-motion/Shutterstock Australia’s unilateral cancellation of its contract to purchase French submarines and sign up for the AUKUS security pact constitutes a slap in the face for French diplomacy – variously described as a “stab in the back” and a “betrayal” by French diplomats. Though Paris may be shocked by this turn of events, it was somewhat foreseeable, for several historical, cultural and...

Listen To Older Voices: Angela Rose – Part 3

Listen To Older Voices TT Header
Due to ongoing COVID lockdown we have visited our Vault of Treasured Memories to bring out a Golden Moment Program - where we are presenting a program broadcast in the past, and where we believe it is a story worth sharing again, possibly for the first time with some listeners. This is the final part of the story of Angela...

‘The Long Fingers’ by Gwyneth Graham

‘the long fingers’ by gwyneth graham   book review by meredith fuller
  Coercive control, domestic violence, suicidal ideation, and career uncertainty are pertinent topics that we are confronting in Australia. Here is a book that examines the dynamics of relationships related to contemporary issues that we face in society. ‘What happens when you face your past? Can life ever be the same?’ Emily, aged 40, has it all – the executive career, successful...

Anticipation grows for Australian War Memorial expansion

anticipation grows for australian war memorial expansion
The Australian War Memorial has installed a large-scale banner on the fence at the front of its site, facing Anzac Parade. The graphic banner shows what the proposed new Southern Entrance and upgraded Parade Ground will look like when the related construction and landscape work are complete in 2024. Executive Program Director Wayne Hitches said the fencing around the construction site...

Hidden women of history: Annie Lock was a bolshie, outspoken Australian missionary, full of contradictions

hidden women of history: annie lock was a bolshie, outspoken australian missionary, full of contradictions
      Missionary Annie Lock with Enbarda (Betsy) left, and Dolly Cumming, both children from the Alice Springs area in Central Australia. Photo taken in Darwin. National Archives of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander readers are advised this story contains images of people who have died. “We have fared well out of native hands”, wrote missionary Annie Lock from Oodnadatta in...

Why Beethoven wasn’t the original punk rocker of classical music

why beethoven wasn’t the original punk rocker of classical music
      Comparing Beethoven to punk rockers is based on the composer’s attitude to tradition, but is it an accurate categorization? (Shutterstock) Last summer, the meme “Beethoven was Black” was trending online, a trope that drew the iconic composer into a 21st century discussion about race and social justice. But there is another curious classical music trope in circulation, one that is...

Grattan on Saturday: After the deal on security, Scott Morrison turns to the shift on climate

grattan on saturday: after the deal on security, scott morrison turns to the shift on climate
  Picture: Evan Vucci/AAP One is tempted to think Scott Morrison’s hero must be Harry Houdini, the great escape artist. Put our prime minister in a corner, and he will talk his way out, or try to. After President Biden rang President Macron this week to soothe hurt French feelings about AUKUS, a joint statement was issued. It said in part, “The...

New preliminary evidence suggests coronavirus jumped from animals to humans multiple times

new preliminary evidence suggests coronavirus jumped from animals to humans multiple times
  Marco Ugarte/AP/AAP The origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has caused the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hotly debated. This debate has caused substantial difficulties in the Australia-China relationship, with a call by Foreign Minister Marise Payne for another inquiry into its origin being considered by China as a hostile act. What’s not in doubt is the closest relatives of the virus are found in...

5 Killer Mistakes To Avoid During A Sea Tour

5 killer mistakes to avoid during a sea tour
A tour of the sea or lake is a fascinating moment. Particularly when you are a new cruiser, sailor, or skipper, the experience is overwhelming. You miss getting into the water and assess how it feels when all that surrounds you is water. However, your first day in the water can be your last day on earth if you...

Stolen Generations Redress Scheme must provide just reparations to survivors

stolen generations redress scheme must provide just reparations to survivors
In its submission to the Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee's Inquiry into the Territories Stolen Generations Redress Scheme Bills, the Law Council of Australia has outlined suggestions designed to ensure the draft Bills provide just reparations to survivors. Recognising that a goal of the Redress Scheme is to ensure payments do not affect a person's eligibility for any...