Featured Finesse
Featured Finesse

Most Australians hope to own their own home one day. And despite some naysayers, it’s not an unrealistic goal to achieve. Many people choose to purchase properties off the plan so they have a brand new house, with modern appliances and no wear and tear to speak of. Also, buying off the plan can end up saving you heaps of money, as some people are entitled to a first home owners grant from the government, which only applies to brand new properties.

One thing we hear often is people bemoaning that they display homes are so well styled that they could never achieve the same aesthetic in their own homes. Today, we’re going to discover how you can style your pad like the display homes you visited during your search for your dream property.

Cleanliness is Next To?

Most display home in Sydney are kept immaculately clean, and rightfully so. You wouldn’t be interested in a property if it was dusty, damp and dirty, would you? So, one way to keep your new home looking fresh like a display home is through regular cleaning. Vacuum every few days to keep those floors spotless, and wipe down benches and surfaces once a day.

Don’t forget to clean your windows inside and out as well. This may seem like lots to do, but if you do a little bit every day, you don’t have to do lots each week or fortnight. If you’re sharing your house with a partner, kids or both and the kids are old enough then set up a rotating chore roster so everyone in the household has to pull their weight to keep it spick and span.

Make Good Use of Light 

Display homes are well-lit to make them seem bright, vibrant and appealing to you – the buyer. You can achieve the same result with the strategic placement of your lights and lamps. Choose high wattage downlights for your kitchen and living areas so they’re nice and well-lit. Also, place lamps in the corners where the shadows lie to fully optimise the lighting profile of your property. Mirrors also help to reflect and refract light as well so your lighting should be positioned close to mirrors in your lounge and bathroom too.

Go Minimal

One thing that all display homes have in common is that they are nice and sparsely decorated and fitted out. So, if you’re the type that tends towards clutter, you’re going to have a hard time creating that display home feel. Opt for a minimal scheme in your design – have a few choice decorations or artwork but aim for lots of space around your flooring and living spaces to recreate that seamless display home vibe.

Now, we don’t mean taking this to the extreme and removing all furniture and furnishings – after all you need to sit to eat and relax. But try to opt for a minimal feeling where you can. You may wish to utilise your garage or shed for storage to keep the clutter out of the home proper.

Ta Da! 

By following these helpful tips you should have a property that mimics the appearance of a display home to a tee. Keep it nice and clean and free from dust and dirt and you’ve taken the first step. Next, make sure that your home is well lit and that you make strategic use of lamps and mirrors. Finally, aim for a minimal aesthetic to recreate the sense of space that a display home conveys. Next, sit back and relax and admire your handiwork.