I used to be loud. Loud talking, loud opinions, loud actions but my fashion sense only expressed the trends. White shoes were on trend, I was wearing them, and that’s how my relation with the industry was, for a long time. But one day I started seeing colour, my wardrobe started to see it as well. It started with bigger earrings, then bolder prints and now I always look like a walking rainbow, and I am 100% okay with that. With colour came confidence, a confidence that was hidden underneath all that normality. Of course not everyone likes the way I dress, but that’s always going to happen, there will always be people who don’t understand you and they’ll try and bring you down, just so they can be above you but trust me I never let them get above me. I love my clothes, I love that I have the opportunity to be myself and I can wear whatever I wish to. I walk down the street with my huge ice cream earrings, my pink shoes with big pom poms and my rainbow printed dress, I get glares and I get smiles.

My clothes have taught me to step out of my comfort zone and now I’m forever living outside of it.

Charlotte <3