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Located in the picturesque Heathcote wine region of Victoria, which is quite evident from the very name of this company, Heathcote Winery is a hidden gem about which we’re going to talk in this blog post. Not many would have heard the name since it is quite young in the industry. Nonetheless, the winery enjoys a loyal audience of its own and has also been trusted by famous wine critics like James Halliday. Read on to know more.

exploring the flavours of heathcote wines

The History of Heathcote Wines

The foundation of Heathcote Winery dates back to the year 1978. It was the first-ever commercial winery in the region, producing its first vintage in 1981. Over the years, it has become synonymous to amazing Shiraz, a wine that beautifully reflects the land.

The land it is located on has a rich history—its building being established in 1854. This was the period when everyone in Victoria was driven by the gold rush era. During this early stage, the building was home to Craven’s Stores, catering to the needs of gold miners. Eventually, businessman Craven also started coach services from stables behind the cellar door. Through this mails and supplies were delivered around Victoria. Its significance still remains, with the depiction in the winery’s logo and emphasis on the ‘Mail Coach’ range.

Heathcote Wines

In the year 1997, the winery was purchased by Stephen Wilkins in partnership with an independent group of wine enthusiasts. They undertook this venture with an aim to produce wines that mirror the flavours of the Heathcote wine region. With that, they introduced innovation and excellence, making the company stand out and appreciated by critics and wine drinkers.

The Region

Located in Victoria, Central Heathcote enjoys unique climatic conditions. With even rainfall throughout the year and a cool climate, the region enjoys superb conditions for the production of wines, especially Shiraz (A grape variety that thrives in here and used for producing exemplary wines loved Australia-wide). Heathcote Shiraz is elegant yet powerful, and impressively-balanced by natural tannins.

The winemakers here traditionally have been producing this red with minimal intervention to allow the terroir characteristics come forward. Buy Heathcote wines online in Australia and relish this passion and hard work of winemakers in each drop you sip.

Heathcote Winery wines

Like its home, the brand has also earned a reputation for the production of exemplary Shiraz. It is especially known for the Mail Coach Shiraz which is crafted by blending in a splash of Viognier that adds to the complexity & richness. The company has been producing other wines too under this iconic range the “Mail Coach”. Apart from this, other labels like The Origin, The Wilkins, Slaughterhouse and Craven’s Place have also been introduced since its establishment and enjoyed by consumers.

From red to rosé and white, the highly-rated brand has been crafting amazing wines. Buy your fav wine online in Australia from Just Wines. You can also browse through the collection of over 6000 premium drops, and try out the amazing VIP and Trophy memberships to get unbelievable offers and discounts.