security screens
security screens

Securing the house is the first step towards providing a safe environment for the members of the family. When an individual knows, that the family is safe back home, he can work stressfree in the office. Basic doors and windows can provide primary safety and security and that’s where security screens step in.  But what exactly is meant by security screens? What are they? What are its advantages? And how can they be installed?

In this article, all things related to these screens are mentioned. Right from what are they and what are their uses, and their advantages to their installation process.

Let us first start with what exactly are these security screens?

The panel or thin sheet of a variety of metals woven together can be called as the security screens. These screens are installed on windows, doors, ventilation panels, and so on. The metal used for the weaving of the sheet are generally aluminum, steel, etc, the shield only protects the house without blocking the view.The weave of the net of the shield is such that it prevents any type of insect from entering the house, also it adds up as a supportive layer to the normal glass window.

How to select security screen

Now, it is clear that what these screens are, so some tips are mentioned that one might consider before finalizing the security screen for their residence.

  • Measure the exact size of the window or the door that needs screens. The smallest error in the measurement might lead to leaving a gap between the window and the security screen.
  • Select the type of screens depending on the type of window. The main types of the window are generally hinged or sliding one. Select the type of screen that will not hinder the opening of the window.
  • Look upon the locking system of the security screens, they need to be securely locked or else they will not be able to serve the purpose.
  • Get to know what materials are used in the manufacturing of these screens, their sturdiness, and durability.
  • If professional services are hired for installation, feel free to ask about the guarantees or replacement.
  • Have a thorough check about the opening of the screens in case of hinged doors. The screens which open on the inner side are safer, as in case of any emergency one can open them for a safe escape.
  • Select a keyless lock for the security screen, so that during any panic-struck situation finding the keys for the shield won’t waste any time.
Security Screens
Security Screens

Advantages of these screens

The above tips will help in selecting the best screens for your doors and windows, which will provide extra protection to the house and health of the family members without hindering the outside view. Once the security screens are selected let us see the advantages achieved from installing them.

  • Provides extra protection
  • Does not obstruct fresh air from entering the house
  • Provides privacy while providing an unobstructed outside view.
  • They increase the core value of the house
  • Helps in keeping house disinfected
  • Stylish looks can help in elevating the interiors.


Many other advantages can be gained by installing security screens not only for the windows of a house but also for office windows too.  Health is a vital aspect other than security, and by installing security screens, one not only is relaxed about their well-being but also is confident about the safety of their loved ones. But make sure that you get the screens of good quality and from reputed vendor only. So, do your research well.