Everything You Need to Learn About AI Marketing Technology

everything you need to learn about ai marketing technology

With AI-based technologies predicted to amount to a massive AU$315 billion by 2028, it is safe to say that artificial intelligence is the way of the future. Experts say that the Australian economy will need over 161,000 new AI specialists by 2030 to keep up with the industry’s demands. Where is this demand arising from, though?

AI marketing technology is now being widely incorporated into business solutions for better revenues and an improved customer journey. Running a business no longer revolves around providing high-quality goods and services; marketers need to work on that ‘something extra’ to leverage your company over others. AI marketing tools allow you to do so in the most cost-effective way.

Let’s discover some of the most effective ways your business can benefit from AI marketing technology.

Customer Profiling Through Data Collection

With AI moving into town, businesses can now collect highly valuable data regarding customer behaviour, shopping trends, and motivations to better understand how to increase their sales. These technologies allow you to predict future patterns and pinpoint what exactly works to generate better revenue for specific products.

AI allows you to process these massive amounts of customer data and categorise it efficiently to be turned into actionable insights. It also interprets trends and purchasing patterns to help you make profitable long-term decisions for your business.

Capturing Trends

An essential part of any business is determining what is working for their clients at every instance. Consumer behaviour has become rather volatile in our current market, and trends constantly shift. Keeping up with these consumer trends and measuring client response to your products and services can be an overwhelming task.

This is where salesforce marketing cloud trends step in to save the day. Salesforce marketing allows you to regulate and optimise your marketing efforts for a more successful sales funnel. It uses machine learning to predict the best times to reach out to your customers and prioritises the importance of consistency on various platforms (including mobile, social media, and the official website). 

CRM Automation

CRM software is AI-based systems designed to help your business manage its engagement efforts with long-term customers. There are four CRM automation strategies that you can use to optimise your marketing efforts;

  • Automimzing data entry.
  • Personalisation in emails.
  • Automating all customer interactions.
  • Chatbots.

By using these techniques and strategies, you can manage your customer data better and support sales management for better ROI. Moreover, it offers you actionable insights and integrates well with your social media plans, creating a comprehensive marketing tool for your business.

Sales Forecasting

Staying two steps ahead and knowing the right actions to take for your business’s future is essential if you want to continue meeting your customer’s needs. Sales forecasting through AI marketing technology helps you achieve this.

Applying AI technology to your marketing efforts allows you to understand consumer demands by tracking their behaviour and gaining valuable insights through past purchases. Sales forecasting allows you to predict what your customers are likely to buy next and then promote that product to drive up sales. Using this system also allows you better inventory control and avoids running out of stock.

Final Words 

Now that you know all the ways AI technology, paired with salesforce marketing cloud trends, can help you enhance your business reach – what are you waiting for? Start applying these tips today to notice an immediate improvement in your customer relations through enhanced user experiences driven by valuable insights and a hands-on marketing approach. Good luck!