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Sacred Rhythms 2 – Sound Healing Journey – With Elysium Phoenix

March 30 @ 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

A transformational Rhythmic Sound healing Journey for the Soul

Welcome Bright Lights.
I would like to invite you to journey together into Sacred Rhythm.
A sacred transmission that grants us the ability to Surrender our heavy trapped energy that we accumulate in our day to day life.
When these energies remain trapped for too long we begin to break down mentally, physically & spiritually.
Infusing traditional Sound healing instruments with modern technology I will take you through the tribes of our indigenous, connecting Soul into the Rhythmic dance of purification.
The Frequencies & Rhythms that are channeled through on the evening are gifted to us all, so we can alleviate & then elevate.
* Yidaki (didgeridoo)
* Native American Flute
* Hand pan
* Singing Bowls
* Gongs

* A quiet place to lay down
* Good headphones or A decent stereo system ( will sound & feel better then headphones )
* Bottle of water
* Blanket
If you have essential oils please feel free to use them as they will enhance your experience
Sound healing sessions have a wonderful lingering affect gifting you a new level
Of Peace and relaxation this can last weeks . They soothe & relax our nervous systems.
Imagine if we did them regularly, how good would we feel.
Why use Sound to heal?
Sound healing holds truly profound healing capabilities.
Everything in this universe has its own vibration; animals, objects, food, music nature, humans, our organs and cells, absolutely everything.
This is backed by science.
So if everything has a vibration and is continuously vibrating, what if we could harness the power of sound and use it to recalibrate the areas in our being that have fallen out of its original frequency.
Illness & disease are born from imbalance.
Sound has been used for healing by all the indigenous cultures around the world, And still Is to this day.
Sound healing is universal medicine. By bringing back the ancients way, sound will indeed be the medicine for our future.
About the Host:
James is a certified breathing guide & vibrational Healer.
James has come from a past which was riddled with illness & dis-ease.
From around the age of 4 up until is early 30s
James had tried it all and spend tens of thousands of dollars only to receive little to no relief, life become numb and lonely
The bottom of a dark hole is where his journey to surrender has begun.
James was guided into the world of vibration and its remarkable sound healing capabilities. Little did he know he was also embarking on the quest of purpose.
Shortly after James was gifted another wonderful treasure…. Rebirthing Breathwork
The absolute game changer in his healing journey.
James now offers his services, empowering others to also embark on the journey to surrender.
Love Peace & Unity


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March 30
8:00 pm - 9:15 pm