enjoying the scenes in toowoomba: 3 places to visit

Toowoomba is hardly the first choice when one thinks of visiting Australia, not because it does not have anything to offer, but because it is not as marketed as Melbourne and Sydney. On the contrary though, there are several scenes that you can enjoy in Toowoomba, making it worthy of a visit, or ten.

If you want to explore this city, bring your A-game because your eyes are in for a treat. It is not called the Garden city for nothing. A mere two-hour scenic drive from Brisbane, Toowoomba is perfect for nature lovers and even otherwise. Here are three scenes you should certainly take a look at.

Picnic Point Lookout

Picnic Lookout is part of Toowoomba’s heritage sites for a reason. Anyone going to Toowoomba should certainly make a trip to this land encompassing 160 acres and feast their eyes on the lawns stretching for miles. Apart from the greenery around you, you can see all sorts of flowers here. It’s truly a nice place to just plop down and marvel at how wonderful life can be, giving you a chance to relax at such a place. It offers a panoramic view of Table Top Mountain at the Lockyer Valley. In fact, the view is so scenic that pictures do not do it justice. Even if you take multiple pictures of what you see in Picnic Lookout, nothing beats just smelling the fresh air and roaming the whole place with your eyes. Many weddings are held at Lions Park, which is found within Picnic Point. Given the beauty of the surroundings, you won’t be surprised to know that. There are cares and picnic areas all over Picnic Lookout, so if you are in Toowoomba, you should spare a day or an afternoon here just chilling. if you have kids with you, all the better. They are bush trails, artificial waterfalls, and gardens in this heritage site, perfect for children to run about.

Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens

Another scenic area in Toowoomba, Australia worth checking out is Ju Raku En Japanese Gardens. It’s not only Toowoomba’s largest Japanese garden but also it’s most traditional. Yes, you are in Australia, but hey, you cannot deny that Japanese gardens are such a nice place to relax and unwind. It is located only 4 kilometers south of the University of Southern Queensland so it’s easy to go to. It has several features that can transport you to a peaceful state of mind – rippling lakes, carefully designed and aligned boulders, bamboo stands, precious cherry blossoms and the like. Both Japanese and Australian native trees and plants can be spotted here. You’re likely to run out of phone battery if you plan to take a picture of all scenic spots in this garden. But then, it’s worth it!

Pioneer Village Toowoomba

One more scene worth checking out is Pioneer Village Toowoomba. What makes it particularly interesting is that it is a village maintained mainly by volunteers. Given that it offers over 60 communities for visitors to look at, having volunteers devote their time and effort to maintain the village is no mean feat. Children will be particularly happy here, as there are just so many things to look at and marvel at – museums, toy shops, chapels, restaurants such as Original Saigon Restaurant, and many more!

Being Australia’s 15th largest city in Australia, shortening our list to just three is just funny. There are literally twice or thrice more spots you can check out in Toowoomba. With that said, you can certainly start with these three and feel happy that you did. They can even make you want to stay longer in Toowoomba and explore more scenes that it can offer. Note that all three scenes we recommend you to look at are large areas offering so many things so you can certainly devote one day for each spot.  Anything shorter might not be enough.