End Of Lease Checklist: Everything To Consider In The Lead-Up To Your Moving Day

end of lease checklist: everything to consider in the lead-up to your moving day
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Home is where the proverbial heart is. It’s also where we spend most of our lives, apart from work. A place to raise kids, share love, relax, unwind, enjoy and put your feet up.

Whether you rent or own a home, there’s nothing like coming back to your house at the end of a long day, putting on music or a TV show, pouring a drink and relaxing.

If you rent, sometimes you’ll need or want to move to another house at the end of your lease. This could be because the landlord is selling or moving back in, or you just feel like a change. Perhaps you’ve outgrown the place, or you’re considering downsizing. 

In this article, we’ll share an end of lease checklist, and you’ll learn what you need to consider in the lead up to your moving day.

Rubbish Removal Services 

If you’ve lived somewhere a while, chances are you’ve built up a collection of random stuff, some of which is hard rubbish. You should consider rubbish removal services, to help you declutter and get rid of some junk.

Some usual hard rubbish candidates are old chairs, couches, appliances, toys and other household items. It’s worth going through all your stuff and asking yourself if you really need it. If something is broken beyond repair, hasn’t been used in years, or you’ve upgraded to a newer model, then why not arrange for it to be collected and disposed of?

Book The Removalists

The next step is to book your removalists. You may want to do this a few weeks before the moving day, so you are guaranteed to lock them in. Some companies are super busy, so the more notice, the better.

The removalists may request a complete inventory of what they need to pack, so you may want to create a list before booking them. This can be hard to estimate before you start packing, but try your best. 

End of Lease Clean

Most leases will specify that the tenant needs to arrange for an end of lease clean when you’re ready to move out. Some landlords or property owners may be alright if you do this yourself, so you can save some money. It’s worth enquiring before you contact a private cleaning company.

If you need to engage a professional cleaner, ensure that you choose one that is good value for money, is insured and will issue an invoice. Some dodgy operators are out there, so do your due diligence in engaging a cleaner.

You may also need to arrange for carpet cleaning if the home has carpeted areas. Some companies will do this for you for an additional cost. Otherwise, you may need to engage a separate company.

Another thing to consider is the oven. Unless you’ve kept it clean throughout your lease, the oven often requires a deep, thorough clean to remove all the built-up grease and grime. Again, this is something the cleaning company may be able to do for an extra charge, or you may have to engage a separate service. 

Disconnect Utilities

The next step is to arrange for all your utilities to be disconnected and connected at your new home. Call the gas, electricity, internet, water and phone companies and advise them of the moving date, so they know when to cut your service off.

This is a great time to shop around for better deals; you’ll find you could save hundreds of dollars a year this way. With energy prices rising across the country, now is time to reassess your utility bills. 

Exit Condition Report

Often upon leaving a rental property, you’ll need to complete an exit condition report. This will note the property’s condition, including any damage to the home.

Reasonable wear and tear are acceptable, so don’t worry too much about minor scratches, scuff marks or blemishes on the flooring or walls. 

You would have also completed an entry condition report, so there should be a record of any existing damage to the home. In this case, you don’t have to worry about losing your bond because the damage was pre existing.

Pay Any Outstanding Rent

If you have outstanding rent, you need to pay it before leaving the rental property. If you’ve paid in advance, you should be fine, but if you happen to have any rent owing, you need to pay it promptly. You don’t want to leave with any rent owing, which the landlord can take legal action to recoup. 

In Summary

In this article, we’ve shared an end of lease checklist, and you’ve learnt everything you need to consider before moving out. Arrange for rubbish removal, and arrange your end of lease clean. Don’t forget to disconnect all utilities and complete your exit condition report. Follow these steps, and you will have a painless lead up to the big moving day. 

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