emergency plumber: when should you call him?

The first thing that might cross your mind is that why do I need an emergency plumber? I have a regular plumber who works for me so what is the deal with emergency plumbers? So, the answer lies in the fact that regular plumbers are not available 24*7 at your service. In case, there is an emergency which occurs after normal working hours, the regular plumbers will not show up at your doorstep to help you tackle that situation which is the basically the job of an emergency plumber.

Why do you call them emergency plumber?

They are available at your beck and call. There might be certain situations where you need a plumbing service right away like a geyser bursting at 2 a.m. or your basement getting filled with water on a Saturday. These situations cannot be avoided by regular working hours. This article will help you in understanding the different situations where you need to contact them as soon as possible and save yourself from those long bills of damages.

1. Kitchen Drain Clogs – You have a party at your home and have to cook for tons of people when you realize that your kitchen drain is clogged. In such situations, you should contact an emergency plumber immediately. They will come to your home right away and fix the problem even before your guests start showing up. This problem generally arises when people start throwing things in the sink which they shouldn’t. Thus, clogging of drains causes a major problem in such scenarios.

2. Frozen Pipes – Sometimes due to excessively cold weather, the water in the pipes freezes. This freezing of water in and around the house is a major concern as the expansion of the pipe due to the frozen water causes pipe bursts. These situations are of utmost importance as they can ruin everything at once. In such cases, the first thing to do is to close the main source of water at that site and call a plumber immediately. They are the only ones who can help you in such a situation. The flooring, cabinet and the walls can be damaged if the burst pipe is not treated immediately which results in heavy losses as you will have to spend tons of money on getting those fixed.

emergency plumber: when should you call him?

3. Gas Leak – The most dangerous situation is when you suspect a gas leak at your home. If you think that the gas has leaked or can smell gas, the first thing you should do is to turn off the source of gas and open all the windows and doors so that fresh air can enter your premises. Regular checking of the gas lines can save your home or commercial place from possible disasters. The technicalities involved in the entire process are known only by emergency plumbers. After ensuring the above points, contact an emergency plumber at once. Once they arrive, they can take proper actions and save you from a huge accident which might have occurred if you would not have paid attention to it.

4. Blocked Toilet – Have guests coming in? The toilet isn’t working? This is a major crisis which occurs in almost all the houses. In such a case, you should contact a plumber immediately and save yourself from any embarrassment. Such situations require solutions at once and you should take care of that. Sometimes, people try different DIY techniques to get an idea about how to go on with cleaning the toilets and the clogged drains. However, it is always good when you have the professionals by your side.

Thus, these four situations require urgent solutions and cannot wait until a plumber is available. Thus, keeping an emergency plumber at hand will help you avoid huge plumbing disasters.