The fitness industry is always full of interesting innovations and surprises that make sure that you work out in comfort with maximum effectiveness. However, many people lack the time or financial resources to try each and every new thing on the market. Plus, not all of them are well-researched, meaning that in some cases, results simply won’t show, despite the effort. However, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been getting popular lately, and for a good reason: it provides the same muscle stimulus, but in a shorter time period. So here are some benefits of this way of training that opens a new era in the entire fitness industry.

It helps with rehabilitation

Injuries are common among those who live an active lifestyle. And since EMS doesn’t require mechanical overloading, this means it can be used in the early stages of the rehabilitation process. Consider EMS if you’ve suffered a knee injury, so you want to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstring muscles. EMS Is not only great for recovery, but it can also help monitor the entire process with more efficiency and ease.

Makes the pelvic floor stronger

You’re as strong as your pelvic floor. Activating pelvic floor muscles can make your day-to-day life much easier, plus you’ll be able to achieve better fitness results. Women who’ve given birth tend to experience the weakening of the pelvic floor due to pregnancy and labor. And since pelvic floor muscles also regulate the bladder and bowel control, then it’s crucial to implement the best solutions that will strengthen this part of your body. Electrostimulation of muscles can help by targeting pelvic floor muscles and sustaining their contraction. 

EMS can improve balance

Muscle imbalance is quite common among athletes, especially if their sport requires many unilateral movements. This happens a lot in sports such as basketball or golf. Since you’re likely to swing the dominant side of your body, this means you’ll experience uneven balance when it comes to arms, core muscles, hips, and shoulders. If you notice this happening, then it means it’s time to try an EMS training session in Melbourne in order to improve muscle balance. The biggest benefit of EMS, in this case, is that it corrects these imbalances by targeting the weak points. With enough effort and persistence, you’ll be able to improve your muscle balance and become stronger in the process.

electrical muscle stimulation opens a new era in training, and you could be a part of it

It can help with recovery

Sore muscles are common after a vigorous workout, which is why it’s essential to have a rest period in order to recover properly. During that time, physical activity should be avoided. However, some research found that active recovery can be equally, if not more, beneficial. EMS is a powerful tool as it can minimize muscle cramps and soreness. An intense workout creates a lactic buildup, and EMS can improve the situation by giving the muscle all the fresh nutrients through light activity. It is also one of the most efficient tools when it comes to mobilizing the joints as they get stiff and sore due to extensive exercise or movement. Electric muscle stimulation can thus make you more mobile and energized.

EMS can aid with weight loss

Weight loss isn’t always necessary, but it can be helpful, especially for those who are going through recovery after injury. This is where EMS can come to the rescue: this type of therapy can help achieve higher levels of metabolic activity even many hours after the workout. This can also help your body burn fat more efficiently without harming your health, while still retaining lean muscle mass. EMS for weight loss can especially help women who struggle with stubborn fat in critical areas such as hips, thighs, and waist. On the other hand, men will mostly see improvements in the chest, back muscles, legs, and arms.

It can help with back pain by improving posture

Bad posture and back pain are almost always closely connected. Therefore, if you tend to experience a lot of uncomfortable symptoms, then chances are, they’re all related to bad posture. The incorrect posture itself is often connected to the imbalance of postural muscles in the pelvic floor, back, and tummy. If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, then it’s likely you’ve experienced this. However, these muscle groups can be targeted by EMS, and with enough effort, you’ll be able to see a substantial improvement and increase in posture, flexibility, and strength.

Electrical muscle stimulation is definitely the future of muscle and posture recovery. These are the benefits of EMS, so if you’re dealing with sore muscles, extra weight, or bad postures, then EMS will help you lead a healthier and better lifestyle.


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