effective tips for bonding with your brother-in-law and sister

Your sister is not only your sister, but she is also your best friend, a mentor, your support system, and much more. It is not possible to describe the bond that you two have in words. The thought of her leaving for a job and settling in a different city or getting married must make you feel lonely.

Of course, you are happy that she is getting married to a wonderful man who is now going to be a part of your life. But you will miss seeing your sister daily and bossing her around, isn’t it?

But just because your sister is getting married, doesn’t mean that the bond will disappear? See it as an addition to your family as you are getting a jiju, a brother who is going to love and pamper you exactly like your sister, or maybe even more.

So, make sure that you not only put in extra efforts to maintain the bond with your sister after marriage, but you try your best to have a great relationship with your brother-in-law.

Here are some ways you can have a great relationship with your brother-in-law and sister.

1.     Remember their special occasions

Your sister knows that you love her a lot, and your actions here and there always show it. Still, when you do something special on days or dates that mean so much to her, it will make her and your jiju even better.

For instance, on their anniversary, do something special. Your marriage anniversary wishes to your sister and jiju would be memorable if you send along with a personalized gift to them. Or maybe you can babysit the kids for one day and give the day off to enjoy and chill.

2.     Make your Jiju your best friend

Your brother-in-law can be more than just your sister’s husband, he can be your best friend, a brother, a companion in crime, your secret holder, a person who can keep you out of trouble, and so on.

But only if you invest in a relationship with him, and nurture it. If you don’t make any effort, it won’t take. The first rule here is to respect him and his relationship with your sister.

  1. Make your jiju a part of your life

You don’t only have to talk to him when you both need something, or you have to plan a surprise for your sister. Cultivate a relationship with him separately, and that means making him a part of your life.

Involve him in little things like sharing a piece of happy news with him first like a promotion or so on. If you are planning for a wedding or function, ask for his opinions, and so on.

4.     Surprise your sister

Distance doesn’t matter if people find ways to stay in touch. When your sister is married and living separately, don’t let it get in the way of your relationship. Keep calling her as often as possible. Don’t try to fit her into your schedule, always have time for her.

Also, you both live a different life now. She has a new family to look after as well, and you too are growing. So, if your time doesn’t match sometimes, don’t let it strain your relationship. Instead, find a way like an impromptu visit or surprising your sister with a cake or flowers or calling her at 3 in the morning. Do anything that will keep the communication channels open.

5.     Have a one-on-one outing with both of them

I know that you love to go trips and dinner dates with both your sister and jiju (brother-in-law). But you also need alone time with both of them. So, it is only fair that once in a while you go on a movie date just with your sister or have dinner or coffee date with your jiju.

It gives all of you enough time to nurture your relationship, and get more comfortable with each other.

6.     Take advice

Even after marriage, if you take advice from your sister and brother-in-law, it is great. It shows that you value their advice and want them to be a part of your important life decision.

7.     Cook together

A great bonding activity is cooking together. So, the next time you visit her house, make sure you and your jiju cook something together. It can be as simple as a pasta dish, but it will be fun.

What are some of your suggestions for increasing your bond with your sister and brother-in-law?