EDB-BROOKSY Drops Electrifying New Single “Dem Mus Feel”

edb-brooksy drops electrifying new single "dem mus feel"

British rapper and songwriter EDB-BROOKSY is back with a bang, unveiling his latest single, “Dem Mus Feel”. Known for his dynamic musicality and genre-defying sound, EDB-BROOKSY is set to captivate audiences once again with this powerful new track. Following his impressive spins on BBC 1xtra and Kemet FM, as well as a noteworthy interview on Notts TV in Nottingham, EDB-BROOKSY’s latest offering solidifies his place as a rising star in the music scene.

“Dem Mus Feel” showcases EDB-BROOKSY’s ability to weave together multifaceted musical elements. His distinctive voice and punchy bars are on full display, showcasing his raw talent and delivering an epic tune that resonates deeply with listeners. The title and hook, “dem mus feel”, are derived from an old Jamaican saying, “if dem cyan hear? Dem mus feel”, infusing the track with cultural richness and authenticity.

Creating music is a deeply personal process for EDB-BROOKSY. He begins by listening to beats until one strikes a chord with him. For “Dem Mus Feel”, the beat transported him back to his childhood, skanking in mx3 in Negril and watching Ninja Man perform live as a young teenager. The instrumentation, with its classic dancehall tone, captures the essence of those formative years and inspired EDB-BROOKSY to craft a soundclash war-type track that pulsates with energy and nostalgia.

EDB-BROOKSY’s catchy bars, impressive voice, and smooth presentation make “Dem Mus Feel” an anthem for the dancefloor. The track’s infectious rhythm will have you raising your hands like you’re at a rave, eagerly anticipating the DJ to drop more beats. It’s a perfect blend of modern production and classic dancehall vibes, creating a track that’s both fresh and timeless.


Tom L.

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