double glazed sliding doors – the perfect entrance to your home
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Installing the perfect door for your home provides an element of creativity and inspiration for others. Well, you know that first impressions create a long-lasting impact. The same is true in the case of doors as well. One might think a door is a door. What’s so great about getting the right door installed? Installing the right door helps you protect your home and, at the same time, saves space and gives a classy finish as well. Double glazed sliding doors are the perfect solution for your new home.

What are Double Glazed Sliding Doors?

Double glazed sliding doors are panels that have two panes of glass in the same frame separated from each other by a thin layer of space. The magic ingredient, i.e., argon or normal air-filled in between this space, makes all the difference. The two glass panes are kept intact in position using a separator.

Why should you Opt for Double Glazed Sliding Doors over other Doors?

1) Maintains a Steady Temperature inside your Home

  • The air space between the two glass panes serves as a thermal insulator between your home and the external environment.

  • Maintains constant temperature inside your home so that you don’t feel the effect of extreme temperature changes in the outside environment.

  • Helps keep your home warm during winters and cool during summers by eliminating heat loss and gain.

  • Double glazed doors have insulating properties, thus maintaining the temperature and reducing the energy bills.

2) Energy Efficient

  • Major portion of the energy consumed in homes goes towards powering heating and cooling devices.

  • Double glazed sliding doors minimize the energy consumption, which you would otherwise require for electric temperature control using various devices.

  • They help enhance energy efficiency at your home by minimizing power consumption due to the reduction of heat loss and gain.

3) Improved Security

  • Wherever you stay, security will always be a priority for both yourself and your family.

  • It is a common tendency for people not to opt for glass doors as they fear someone can break it easy to enter the house. However, this is not true in the case of double glazed sliding doors.

  • They have multi-point security locks, and the double glaze provides an added layer of security to your home.

  • No burglar or thief can easily break open the double glazed sliding door, thus offering high-security levels to your near and dear ones, especially when you are out of town.

4) Visually Appealing

  • Double glazed sliding doors give added protection to your home and are visually appealing.

  • If you are looking to enhance your home’s aesthetics, double glazed sliding doors are for you.

  • They provide a much better look at your home and offer something unique and different, which ordinary doors don’t offer.

5) Noise Insulation

  • Another unique feature of double glazed sliding doors is acoustic insulation.

  • They have an added layer of insulation that keeps out any external noise and prevents it from reaching you.

  • This is because the air gap can absorb sound.

6) Easy to Maintain

  • Wooden doors are highly sensitive to changes in weather. Hence, they deteriorate after a few years.

  • Also, wooden doors are expensive to maintain are they need constant repairs and repainting.

  • On the other hand, double glazed sliding doors only require cleaning cloth and water to keep them shining.

If you are looking to have a quiet and energy-efficient home, you should consider getting double glazed sliding doors installed from a specialist near your home.