Internationally acclaimed Perth band Datura4 – the current outfit of iconic Perth rock’n’roller Dom Mariani of The Stems and Someloves fame – are back with another new tune from their forthcoming fifth album Neanderthal Jam

New single “Secret Society” has just premiered internationally on esteemed site American Blues Scene. A dark and heavy blues-based thumper, the song is another example of the bevy of riches that Neanderthal Jam will deliver upon release on August 12.

Dom told American Blues Scene, “I start off most of my mornings by picking up an old acoustic while waiting for the coffee to brew, I play some old blues licks, or a bit of slide, whatever feels good and every so often a song idea will appear. ‘Secret Society’ came about in this way, with both the riff and words coming at same time. The subject revolves around pursuing a love affair that has the allurement of mystery and seduction while being clouded by feelings of insecurity.”

“A heavy blues stomp to convey the feeling is what I was going for and I think the band really captured that. Warren, our drummer found the beat, which was just what the song ordered. We panned the guitar licks super wide and made them loud which adds an excitement to the track. Keeping it tough, simple and rocking was the key.”

“Secret Society” follows the recent “Going Back To Hoonsville”, which itself followed April’s “Open The Line”. “Open The Line” was chosen as “The Coolest Song in the World” by Bruce Springsteen’s righthand man Stevie Van Zandt aka Little Steven on his influential and much-loved rock’n’roll radio channel on SiriusXM, The Underground Garage.  Dom, who is a long-time favourite of Stevie’s, was also interviewed on the channel on their weekly “Coolest Conversations” spot.  

“The Coolest Song in the World This Week in the Underground Garage comes from the rock & roll capital of the world, Perth, Australia. Please welcome back to the Underground Garage stage, Datura4 Band, with ‘Open The Line'” – Little Steven’s Underground Garage

“Open The Line” and “Going Back To Hoonsville” and “Secret Society” will all feature on Datura4’s new Neanderthal Jam album, out August 12 on Alive Naturalsound Records.  

Datura4 | Alive Naturalsound Records (alive-records.com)

Dom Mariani of legendary Perth garage rockers The Stems is a man of many muses. While tearing up the Australian Alternative charts in the late ’80s with such ’60s-inspired Stems classics as “Tears Me In Two” and “Love Will Grow” and their sole album, the classic At First Sight, Violets are Blue, Dom was also dabbling in instrumental surf music with the Stonefish and contemporary power pop sounds with The Someloves. The power pop flame kept burning with the DM3 in the ’90s and beyond,  and then Dom expanded his instrumental pallet with The Majestic Kelp in the new millennium,  around the same time that The Stems reunited at the request of Bruce Springsteen’s pal Steven Van Zandt. Steven had The Stems play his Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival in New York alongside the likes of Iggy & The Stooges and The New York Dolls.
While The Stems occasionally jump on a plane and hit the road in Europe or somewhere – with fans Davey Lane of You Am I and Ashley Naylor of Even now ensconced as permanent members – Dom has found a new musical focus in his current band, Datura4. While Dom’s other bands have more or less focussed on music with a ’60s influence, with Datura4, Dom has moved into the ’70s. Indeed, Dom has progressed back to his early influences – the early ’70s – when he would dig the heavy and progressive blues sounds of the likes of Led ZeppelinTen Years AfterGroundhogs and Aus bands like CarsonMasters Apprentices, ChainBilly Thorpe & The Aztecs and Perth locals Bakery. He’s even added an authentic ’70s blues-rocker to his band – keyboard player Bob Patient (who has actually worked with Dom on various recordings over the years)  is a one time member of heavy prog. rockers Fatty Lumpkin and more recently a sideman of Perth’s internationally revered slide guitarist Dave Hole.
Beginning with Demon Blues in 2015, Datura4 have released 4 acclaimed albums for revered LA label AliveNatural Sounds Records (original home of the Black Keys!), and they’re now set to return with their highly anticipated fifth album, Neanderthal JamNeanderthal Jam is eleven new tracks of psychedelicised blues and full-tilt heavy rock that were jammed out and recorded at their favourite south-west farmhouse studio during the early months of 2021. It sees them building upon and going beyond on another diverse collection of songs. 
Album opener “Going Back to Hoonsville” gets things started with a relentless and pounding swing to get your hot wheels on. The jam is well and truly underway, and so the boogie gets heavy pursuing love in an inner sanctum on “Secret Society” until the joyous organ groove of “Open the Line” invites us to dance to the music.
“Bad Times” digs in on their OZ rock roots with a groove that the ‘Tatts’ (Rose Tattoo) would be proud of. “Black Speakers” and title track “Neanderthal Jam” keep the jams cooking with Bob Patient‘s keyboard playing prowess on display proving what a welcome addition he has been to the band. An acoustic prelude that is “Hold My Life” that leads into a pummelling boogie riff on “Worried Man’s Boogie” sets the scene for personal concerns about a world and the times we find ourselves in. 
Full-throttle rocker “Digging My Own Grave” turns the lights to ‘black and purple’ and the Witchdoctor takes us for a ride on “Fish Fry” until we get to the epic sun-kissed west coast highway closer “Dry-By Island”.

Dom Mariani – Guitar and vocals
Warren Hall – Drums
Stu Loasby – Bass
Bob Patient – Keyboards
Joe Grech – Guitar and vocals

“Ah, the perfect middle ground. You could say that Australian quartet Datura4 play highway rock, stoner metal, chill doom or downer chug, and you’d be right on all fronts, the band striking that perfect spot between overdriven and stripped down.” – KERRANG!
“There’s no denying the ‘cosmic’ psychedelic threads running through everything here. There are no weighty concepts at work, but lots of heavy playing on a batch of songs that go down easy. Push play and let it rip.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER
“… the dash-pounding, air keyboard, rocking freakout this generation has long needed but was too afraid to ask for. Built on sturdy rhythms, lysergic twists and turns, and a vocal hook that won’t soon leave you, this is the best of its kind since Deep Purple’s ‘Highway Star.'” – POPMATTERS
“A defining boogie, a heavy footstomp of swagger.” – ROLLING STONE
“These songs evoke a time in music history when rock was getting really loud…at the molten core of each is a chorus or riff that won’t let go.”  - THE AUSTRALIAN
“Rocks so hard that if you are blasting it out of your car windows, you won’t even care if someone in a neighboring car catches you headbanging.” EXAMINER
“At the molten core of each is a chorus or riff that won’t let go… as psyched out, louder-than-Sabbath blues.” – THE BLUES MAGAZINE
“It’ll grab you like a Torana driver’s handshake in the days before power steering.” –  I-94BAR    
“They’re a rock’n’roll marriage made in heaven.”  – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
“Ball-busting Oz proto heavy rock…heartfelt psychedelicised blues-rock for the denim-clad delinquent in us all.” – SHINDIG! 
“A way smokin’ slab of psyched ‘n’ furious jams, powered by amped up to 11 guitars and straight up boogaloo” [9/10] VIVE LE ROCK! MAGAZINE   
“Datura4 channel the acoustic swamp blues of Tony Joe White alongside the big rock and roll harmonies of acts like the Black Keys.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE
“…an overloaded boil of blasted psych blues. This is perfect for driving fast on long, lonely stretches of highway with the windows down and the wide-open night for company.” –  ALL MUSIC
“Mariani’s masterful guitar tone is established early and continues throughout the 10 tracks. He doesn’t mess around with achingly long solos and instead delivers essential heft to every song in a way that sets him apart from many of his contemporaries.” – WINNIPEG FREE PRESS
“It’s tempting to think that the four are still on their way home from a festival in the Australian Outback in the 1960s, that they all dropped acid and never came home. It’s a journey down roads you recognize, but still manages to reach for the universe beyond.” – MAXIMUM VOLUME MUSIC

New album Neanderthal Jam out August 12  
Datura4 | Alive Naturalsound Records (alive-records.com)


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