Getting a good night sleep is something that an overwhelming amount of people in the developed world say they can’t accomplish. As a matter fact, I will be first in line to agree with the sentiment, though my sleep issues are largely not the same as the ones I’m discussing today. I personally have lived with insomnia my entire life, as well as an utter inability to establish anything remotely resembling a circadian rhythm. I have seen sleep specialists, and honestly, there’s nothing they can do for me. But, I’ve learned to live with that. However, you may not necessarily have to consign yourself to the same fate.

Sleep apnea is one of the biggest problems leading to people not sleeping well, second only to stress or other external factors. But what is sleep apnea? Should you see a sleep apnea clinic in Melbourne about your problem? Can you deal with sleep apnea on your own?

Snoring is a bad sign!

So, what is sleep apnea? What are the detectable symptoms? Well, it’s a potentially serious condition where your breathing and breathing rhythm are disrupted during sleep. You may hold your breath for periods of time, or simply not breathe in a steady rhythm while unconscious. This can result in snoring, which probably doesn’t seem like something that would directly affect you, but perhaps any partner sharing your bed.

The symptoms of sleep apnea, aside from snoring, are fatigue, restlessness and still feeling absolutely tired when you wake up the next day. Sleep apnea is not the only cause of still feeling tired the next day, nor is snoring a guarantee that you suffer from sleep apnea, but these are commonly-associated things.

I snore, according to my girlfriend, but have not been diagnosed with sleep apnea myself, so I am living proof that snoring isn’t a guarantee that you suffer from this condition.

What can I do about this?

So, your first reaction to a sleep problem is almost certainly not going to be seeking out a clinic. Honestly, who can blame you? Getting appointment, taking the time out of your day to drive to the place, the expense of getting some kind of treatment… All of this adds up to seeking other methods first. Many people will try sleep aids, which can help you get to sleep, but do not solve the problem of poor sleep quality in all.

Other people will try strips that expand the nasal tissue on their nose, which for mild sufferers of apnea or other constricted breathing passage problems, can indeed work. I have never been able to breathe well through my nose, and you find that the strips to help me at least a little.

When being diagnosed, or potentially diagnosed with apnea, many people will immediately then turn to something like a CPAP machine. Well, these machines, intended to guarantee a positive, continuous flow of air, do work in theory. However, a great many people, myself included, could never sleep with that thing attached to our face.

Seeking a sleep apnea clinic in Melbourne?

Don’t assume that a sleep clinic is just going to advise you to go with some sort of sleep aid, or try to strap you down with a CPAP machine, as these are just common, mostly over-the-counter solutions available really from any chemist shop or the like.

A clinic like SleepWise will connect you with physicians specializing in sleep and the various biorhythms associated with it. They will be able to look closely at your lifestyle, physiology and environment, and deduce a host of factors that may be contributing to your sleep apnea, or your overall lack of quality sleep. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with apnea, a clinic like this one can definitely help you, as they deal with other sleep problems as well.

If you don’t get a good night sleep, your health will decline, as will your mental health. Over enough time, you will grow increasingly depressed, irritable or even suffer from severe psychotic breaks over enough time. Yes, it can be that serious, even if it doesn’t seem that way yet.

If you aren’t getting a good night sleep, you owe it to yourself, those who love you and to your professional life to visit a place like SleepWise and get to the root of the problem right away.