do you need to brush a baby’s teeth?

Brushing is something we do at first just after waking up. Indeed the most vital part of our daily life which we should not skip at any cost. But wait what should we do when it comes to a baby’s teeth. There are so many questions, and many parents aren’t aware of it. For that they make some mistakes unknowingly, which leads to many problems for the baby. Let’s discover proper information regarding brushing teeth of a baby.

It takes 6 – 12 months for a baby to grow his / her teeth.

Do you need to brush your baby’s teeth?

The answer is yes. You must. The food the baby is eating; it just stuck into the mouth of the baby which gives birth to different kinds of germs. It can mess with the baby’s health. So, you must clean all those small particles as soon as possible. A baby’s teeth appear slowly, one by one first in the front then on the gum line. But be careful about certain things. Do not brush your baby’s teeth with hash brushes. It should not be done at any cost. You can use your fingers to brush the teeth. Use this technique for a certain time, for a few months. New teeth of babies are very soft, so after months use a soft brush to brush the teeth. Do not use a lot of pressure; it can hurt your baby.

When you start brushing your baby’s teeth, whether with your fingers or soft brushes, always keep a thing in your mind that choosing the best toothpaste is the vital part. Regular toothpaste should be used for new-born. Fluoride toothpaste is the best for them. A study of DENTAL proves this is the best toothpaste for babies. But don’t use too much of it, because it blends with the diary of the baby’s mouth. And it directly goes on the stomach.

Best time for washing the toothpaste is when you see teeth appear on the gum line of the mouth. Before that just use normal warm water to wash the mouth.

Sometimes, kids hate to brush their teeth and parents simply ignore which should not be done. A practice makes a man perfect. Regular brushing teeth will make their teeth healthy. You can use some tricks to convince the kids, like – sing a good song while brushing or tell a story, it will make the process more fun. Also use beautiful looking toothbrushes.  It will become their toy. Rearward kids with fancy stuff for doing the job.

There is one more thing to keep in your mind that washes your baby’s teeth two times a day, morning and night. Teach your kids to spit the toothpaste afterwards. At least brush for 3-5 min.

Some parents don’t want to use hash toothpaste, for that they can choose more natural options like glycerine. This is totally non-toxic.

So, at the end we can say brushing is very important for everyone. It will help to prevent many problems in future if we start doing this from the very beginning.

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