Do-It-Yourself Carpet Repair and Carpet Steam Cleaning at Home

do-it-yourself carpet repair and carpet steam cleaning at home

Carpets are expensive, and one should put in every possible effort to maintain their cleanliness and avoid damage. Most people do not want to take the risk of steam cleaning the carpet because the improper technique can cause permanent damage. Hence, when it comes to steam cleaning, it is advisable to hire professional carpet repair Sydney service providers. 

However, if you want to save money, the guide below will help you prevent any damage to the carpet.

Step 1 – First, look for a reliable and top-rated commercial carpet steam cleaner instead of cheap carpet steam cleaning, Sydney product. You can visit the website and look for information about commercial steam cleaners. Also, keep in mind that an inexpensive machine may even damage the carpet or the seam. So, to avoid the possible expenditure of hiring a professional carpet repair Sydney technician, choose the best steam cleaner. Ideally, look for a steam cleaner that removes the maximum amount of water and dirt without causing any damage. Also, removing excess water reduces the drying time. Wetting the carpet more than required can damage the backing, seam, and encourage the growth of mould. If your carpet steam cleaning machine is not powerful, your carpet will re-soil much faster than usual.

Step 2 – You should predetermine the time to steam the carpet. Ideally, anytime in the afternoon is considered best, as the humidity outside is not at its peak. You can use a small amount of cleaning solution with a PH value of 10 or under to avoid damage to the fibers. You can even use over-the-counter carpet cleaners but ensure that the PH value is under 10.

Step 3 – Remove furniture and objects so that there is no obstruction while cleaning. Removing items helps in using the machine in a straight line from top to bottom.

Step 4 – Fill the carpet steam cleaning Sydney machine with hot water. Refer to the user manual if you are not sure where the water needs to be added. 

  • After that, add the cleaning solution to the water. Ensure that you add in the right quality as mentioned by the solution’s manufacturer.
  • Start the cleaning process from the furthest part from the doorway, then move back to avoid walking on the cleaned part.
  • Extract the water and cleaning solution as much as possible. You can repeat the extraction process multiple times to ensure that the maximum amount of water is removed. Be gentle while using the machine to avoid any damage to the seam. If the seam is damaged, get in touch with a professional carpet seam repair company, or you can do it ourselves.
  • Even though the cleaning solution removes dirt and dust, keeping it on the carpet for a long time may encourage mould and stains. Use plain water and rinse out the cleaning solution. 
  • You can reduce the drying time by turning on the fan and air conditioners. If you have a dehumidifier, use it to expedite the drying process.

If you have damaged the seam, here is a guide to repairing carpet seams in just five simple steps.

Step 1 – Pull the seam and remove dust, dirt, or debris trapped under it. This step is crucial to achieving the best result.

Step 2 – Clean the old seam tape. Cleaning the seam tape may seem challenging, but you can use handy-dandy tools to clean it thoroughly. Get an old iron, or you can rent one that is designed for this job. 

Step 3 – Ensure that the edges are fixed. It will help it keep from having gaps later.

Step 4 – Line up the seaming tape under the seam. 

Step 5 – Use the iron to melt the tape, gently press the carpet into the hot glue and place some weights over the seam to help it stay in place while the glue dries.

In case, you have followed the tips very closely, you are most likely to get exceptional carpet steam cleaning and seam repair results, like professional carpet steam cleaning Sydney and carpet seam repair Sydney technicians! Now pat yourself on the back and enjoy your achievement.

If you feel that repairing a carpet is challenging, get in touch with professionals.