discover the amazing versatility of vertical blinds

If you’ve been trying to decide which option is best for dressing up the windows in your home, then you might want to consider installing the ever-faithful vertical blinds. The reason being is vertical blinds just offer many advantages, which is why they’ve always been a super popular choice over the years.

Let’s take a quick look at the versatility of vertical blinds.

Very Easy To Clean and Maintain

This first point is one of the biggest advantages of all. Because vertical blinds hang, well, vertically, it means the surface of the panels collects very little dust as compared to horizontal panels that are often open and sitting flat.

For the most part, all you’ll need to do is run a dry cloth or a feather duster over them occasionally. In the event a panel or two gets dirty or stained, it’s quite easy to remove a panel, give it a clean, then replace it again. Vertical blinds are very easy to clean.

For vertical blinds that have been hanging for years, you could call in a professional cleaning service to really refresh them.

So Many Colours To Choose From

While the majority of people opt for neutral colours for their vertical blinds because everything blends in well with neutrals, you can also get a bit more audacious and go after some bold colours as well.

Stronger colours are fantastic for really adding some punch to a living room, for example. In bedrooms, really dark colours for vertical blinds means you won’t be woken up too early by the glare of the morning sun.

There really is a colour to suit every room and everyone’s tastes.

Vertical Blinds Can Fit Any Size Window

Windows large or small, sliding glass doors for balconies and patios, vertical blinds can be made to order to fit all these types of windows. Being the most versatile blind on the market, it’ll be rare to have a window that can’t be decorated with vertical blinds.

You won’t want to buy them right off the shelf at your local store though. For an exact fit you really need to see a manufacturer/supplier so your blinds can be made to measure.

A Good Choice for People On a Budget

While being very practical and quite stylish, vertical blinds are also more of a budget choice of window covering. Not only that, because they are designed to be very hardy, it’s not often you would need to perform any repairs or replacements with vertical blinds, which saves you even more money in the long term.

This is one of the reasons they’ve always been a top choice for rental properties. The blinds look good and last for years, are low maintenance and budget-friendly.

Vertical Blinds Are Very Easy To Control

In fact, they are so easy to control that even kids can operate them with no problems at all. Twist a rod to open and close the panels, or pull on the cord to expand or retract the entire blinds.

You can even take things a step further and have motorised operation installed, which means you can control your blinds with the simple press of a button on the remote control. Naturally, this option will be more expensive, but if you have the budget for it, it’s definitely worth considering for the sake of convenience.

Control the Light and Breeze At Will

Being able to angle the panels means you can direct the light or the breeze however you please. You can also keep a degree of privacy with the blinds open too if you have the panels set at the right angle.

The ability to fine-tune the angles of the panels is yet another reason why vertical blinds are so versatile and incredibly popular.

Vertical Blinds That Absorb Outside Noise

You can buy vertical blinds made from panels with a very specific honeycomb pattern. These tiny little pockets of air absorb outside noise and help keep rooms like your bedroom quieter so you can get a really good night’s sleep.

The Takeaway

There are many reasons why vertical blinds should be one of your first choices for practical and stylish window coverings. This post has just covered some of the more obvious advantages, and there are many.

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